Survey. The deployment of 5G divides the Swiss.

The rapid deployment of the 5G network proposed by the Federal Council is dividing the Swiss population. Two in five people (42.5%) are in favor while a similar proportion (41.7%) are against, according to a poll.

A technician cables 5G antennas located at the Balexert stadium in Geneva. The rapid deployment of this technology divides the Swiss, according to a poll (archives).


The share of the undecided is 15.7%, according to this representative poll by Comparis published on Thursday. Women are significantly more skeptical than men. Only three out of ten (29.7%) say they are in favor of rapid deployment of the network, while this proportion reaches 55.1% among men. Conversely, half of the women are against it, but only a third (33.6%) of the men.

Those over 55 are the age category most favorable to the rapid deployment of 5G (46.2%). They are followed by 18-35 year olds (45%). The 36-55 year olds are the most skeptical with 38.3% favorable opinions and 44.6% unfavorable opinions.

There are also differences according to the level of qualifications. Among highly qualified people, 47.3% favor the rapid deployment of 5G, 38.3% oppose it. Among people who have a medium or low level of qualification, approval drops to 37.3% while opposition climbs to 45.5%.

A third have a 5G subscription

More than a third of respondents have a 5G subscription. This type of subscription is more common among young people (41.1% of 18-35 year olds). Only a third of 36-55 year olds own one and 26% of those over 55. On the other hand, 44.8% of over 55s find it important that their mobile phone is compatible with 5G, but only 26.9% of 18-35 year olds.

The Federal Council announced in mid-April that it was banking on the rapid deployment of 5G networks. These have obvious advantages in terms of performance and radiation compared to current technologies, he said in a report.

This representative survey was carried out in April 2022 by the polling and market research institute innofact on behalf of among 1023 people from all over Switzerland.

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