Surprising twist: quarantine in Dresden skyscraper partially lifted


Surprising twist: quarantine in Dresden skyscraper partially lifted

Many residents of the quarantine high-rise in Dresden are now free again.

Dresden – The quarantine ordered for a high-rise in Dresden after the death of a young returnees who were sick with Covid-19 has been partially lifted.

Many can be happy. The quarantine ends for them today. © Petra Hornig

Accordingly, the quarantine ended for all residents with a negative test result and without close contact with a person who tested positive on Sunday at 6 p.m., as the city of Dresden announced.

On the other hand, all those who tested positive or those who are considered to be close contacts would have to continue the quarantine.

Previously, seven residents of the quarantined high-rise in Dresden had tested positive for the corona virus. The city announced on Saturday evening that the samples analyzed from the 170 residents showed that.

Three people who tested positive are also suspected of being infected with the so-called Delta variant, which was first found in India.

The results have yet to be confirmed by what is known as sequencing. The contact tracking has not yet been completed, it said.

A resident of the student dormitory died on June 1 after suffering from Covid 19. According to the health department, there is a suspicion that the man could have been infected with the so-called Delta variant.

The health department had quarantined the entire student residence on Thursday afternoon.

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