Surprise for retirees abroad: what changes on the Imu

The 50% reduction of theImu designed for retirees abroad: all this due to the Budget Law approved on 30 December 2020.

To obtain this benefit, however, certain parameters must be respected: in fact, reference is made to pensioners resident for tax purposes abroad and owners of uninhabited properties, that is, “kept available” in Italy. However, the reduction is only envisaged for holders of a foreign pension who reside in those countries with which Italy has signed a social security agreement, namely Argentina, the Republic of Cape Verde, Australia, the Republic of Korea, Brazil, the Republic of San Marino, Canada and Quebec, the Holy See, the countries of the former Yugoslavia, Tunisia, Israel, Turkey, the Channel Islands and the Island of Man, USA, Mexico, Uruguay, Principality of Monaco and Venezuela.

What happened in previous years

Until the 2019 taxes on the first home were not provided for retirees residing abroad and registered with Aire: a real estate unit owned by an Italian already retired abroad and residing there was treated as a “first home”, provided that it was not rented or granted on loan for use. In order not to incur an infringement procedure by the European Union, however, this exemption had been removed with the 2020 Budget law. According to the EU, in fact, the facilities provided for Italians residing abroad would have been discriminatory in towards other EU citizens who own properties in our country. This is why this benefit was not applied last year. Only after the last budget law (178/20) did the Mef decide to allocate 12 million euro with the aim of covering the expenses in view of new Imu facilities for Italian pensioners residing abroad and holders of a foreign pension.

Requirements and benefits

There is talk of a 50% IMU reduction, applicable to a single real estate unit for residential use owned in Italy by pensioners who are not fiscally resident in our country: to be precise, the recipients of this provision are the holders of a foreign pension, accrued that is, working in non-EU countries with which Italy has signed a specific bilateral convention on social protection and which continue to reside abroad.

In addition to the discount applied to the Imu, for the same pensioners residing abroad there is also a substantial cut in the countries (well 2/3 of what is due). To obtain both benefits, the property must not be leased or on loan for use.