Surge of infected after vaccination: virologist Nadezhda Zholobak made a sensational statement about COVID-19 – News

Photo: Coronavirus in Novosibirsk

Microbiologist Nadezhda Zholobak said that vaccination against coronavirus causes a more severe course of the disease.

In an interview on YouTube channel UKRLIFE.TV, she stated that vaccination does not provide protection against new strains of coronavirus infection.

Zholobak said that the vaccine is administered intramuscularly, that is, not the way the virus enters the body when it enters the mucous membranes. Therefore, the activation of immunity occurs in an unnatural way.

The doctor warns that when the vaccine is injected into the muscle, there is a risk that it will enter the bloodstream if a vessel is damaged when the needle is inserted. This can provoke a shock state of the immune system, which in the future can cause the development of oncology due to its hyperactivation.

Zholobak stressed that this risk exists when vaccinating against any virus, not just covid. Vaccination, she noted, is a major stressor for the immune system. Separately, the microbiologist also recalled the antibody-dependent enhancement that can occur during vaccination.

“And if we start the formation of antibodies against that infection, which should be realized and go away at the level of mucous membranes, and we activate antibodies, and these antibodies are narrowly directed, that is, against a single pathogen, and the body is in contact with the changed pathogen, then it is quite difficult for him to rebuild. At least a week for restructuring “, – the scientist emphasized.

If, in the process of restructuring the immune system, it begins to produce antibodies that were previously, then they can contact a new pathogen and strengthen it, making it viable in addition. That is, vaccination can even contribute to the severe course of coronavirus infection if, before the formation of immunity, contact with a strain against which the vaccine does not work.

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