The latest beta version of the WhatsApp Android app showed that support for multiple devices has finally arrived, and it will be incorporated into the linked devices section of Settings.

According to WABetaInfo, which specializes in monitoring beta features in the WhatsApp app, the Android version beta shows that the multi-device feature will be integrated into the Settings tab.

Upon reaching the three-point menu in the right corner of the home page, the new Connected Devices option will appear, among other options.

Clicking this option will take the user to another page that briefly describes the features, and displays a list of connected devices.

In order to connect a new device, users need to click on the option to link a new device in the settings, with the additional device and a verification code up to the number available in order to log in with another device.

Rumors also indicate that the WhatsApp platform may include in-app verification, but this feature has not yet been confirmed.

Currently the platform supports only one device at a time, and people who use a combination of multiple devices at the same time find it very difficult to reconcile.

The platform began testing the feature a while ago, and is supposed to support up to four devices at a time.

The WhatsApp platform is one of the most used messaging platforms available within different systems, and the company has more than 2 billion active users.

In order to maintain the user base and meet its needs, the company continues to offer new and improved features as well, but it is generally known that the WhatsApp platform is far from competitive when it comes to new features.

Although there are many people who use the app, it lacks many important unsupported features, such as using the same number on multiple phones.

The company recently added features, such as dark mode, animated stickers and (Messenger rooms), but these features are still simple compared to those offered by competitors, such as Telegram.

Aside from supporting multiple devices, the advanced search mode will come soon, allowing users to search for a specific type of message, such as text, videos, images or files, from the search bar.

This can reduce the time for those who have hundreds of starred messages in their conversations.