Suppliers have quality problems with components

If everything goes as usual, Apple should present the new iPhone models in September 2022. By the way, there should no longer be a mini iPhone, so we can look at an iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max and two Pro models. But as an analyst has now reported several times, the suppliers have problems. Could this now affect the release of the upcoming iPhones?

Quality problems with camera lenses and the logic board including RAM

Just a few days ago, Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple probably had problems with the supplier responsible for the logic board and RAM. However, this should not lead to a major delay, as the manufacturer can switch to other suppliers for the iPhone 14. But now there is more bad news. The supplier Genius, who is responsible for the camera lenses, has a problem with a protective layer that, roughly speaking, causes a crack in the lenses. However, Apple has apparently already reacted and shifted production to the manufacturer Largan. According to the analyst, Genius should have fixed the error within two months at the latest.

Overall, Kuo does not expect a drastic delay. Apple has intact contingency plans that do not endanger the quality of the products. This is annoying, however, since the manufacturer would have to switch to other suppliers and thus negotiate new contracts. But that’s not really a problem at the moment. The device series would probably go into mass production as planned. However, the current problems currently only affect the iPhone 14 models and not the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. This could also be related to Apple’s changed hardware policy.

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This is what the iPhone 14 Pro could look like. The notch protruding into the display is supposed to disappear and be replaced by direct cutouts.

As many rumors are currently reporting, Apple is said to be using the processor from the previous model for the hardware. Accordingly, an Apple A15 Bionic would be used in the iPhone 14, which we already know from the iPhone 13. This should mean that the Pro series differs even more clearly from the normal model and perhaps justifies the price jump. However, if you already have an iPhone 13, jumping to the new model would be completely irrelevant, as you would buy an almost identical device, provided the current reports are correct. Here we still have to wait for the presentation of the devices. Of course, there is nothing official about it yet.

Those: Ming-Chi Kuo



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