Supplements for weight loss, Altroconsumo tests reveal a sea of ​​dangerous products (the list)

The association bought 30 weight loss supplements online and tested them in the laboratory, exposing illegal substances and false information on the labels

The summer is almost upon us and for many people having a toned and dry physique to show off on the beach or under summer clothes becomes a categorical imperative. Hence the use of gym workouts, often extreme diets and pharmaceutical products with slimming power, which promise an enviable line without effort.

Unfortunately, however, these quick fixes, although they may seem effective at first, are not without consequences for our health. The consumer association Other consumption he investigated the world of slimming supplements on the online market, buying 30 supplements and analyzing them at the laboratory to check for the presence of illegal substances or irregularities at the level of the label. Here are the results:

  • 80% of the products analyzed have misleading indications or irregularities on the label, and some of them contain drugs and dangerous substances not allowed among the ingredients of weight loss supplements – such as amphetamine and salicylic acid.
  • 5 out of 30 products have irregularities in the ingredients or in the presentation of the product: for example, 2 products contain an active ingredient that is used for skin treatment and that should not be ingested; 2 other products do not contain the active substances declared on the label, but only the excipients.
  • Only 1 supplement in 30, of those analyzed by the association, appears to be completely regular.

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Other consumption specifies that the products analyzed were purchased on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Wish, eBay, Aliexpress: these are non-Italian platforms, of course, but which should still comply with the safety regulations in force in our country, if they want to sell their products also in Italy.

L’amphetamine contained in some of the supplements (in the form of a drug called amphetaminil) is an illegal substance in our country, with a strong anorectic and psychostimulating action, but which can generate a strong addiction. According to Italian law, a supplement cannot contain drugs in its formulation, since it is purchased and taken without medical supervision: the presence of substances classified as narcotic drugs (theamphetaminil precisely) is therefore prohibited.

In other cases, however, the presence of some substances reported on the label did not correspond to the truth, since these substances were not found in the supplements at the time of the analyzes: also in this case, the labels were judged to be inaccurate and misleading by the association.

Finally, particular attention should be paid to the presence, always on the product label, of misleading and imprecise definitions (also these not allowed by Italian law), such as a generic “helps burn fat” or “reduces the ‘appetite’ – which mean nothing concrete, in fact.

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How to defend against dangerous supplements

Let’s make it clear: to lose weight and get back in shape, there is no magic pill that holds! A healthy and balanced diet, the right physical movement, correct sleep habits are necessary. There is no scientific evidence that tea, green coffee and other natural remedies actually have the power to make us lose weight, and even supplements are useless if not combined with diet and sports.

That said, if you really want to buy a slimming supplement online, here are some tips to make no mistake:

  • Attention to information required by law, such as the name of the categories of substances that characterize the product and their quantity referred to the recommended daily dose; the warning not to exceed the recommended doses; name and address of the manufacturer or distributor: all this information must be clearly indicated on the packaging and in Italian;
  • Buy only on reputable siteswhich provide clear information on the manufacturer (and perhaps also read the reviews of other customers);
  • Be wary of sites whose texts feature grammatical errors or automatic translations only to attract customers to the four corners of the planet, as well as to bargain prices (index of poor quality of the product);
  • Finally, be wary of products that promise miracles (possibly shown through photographs of a prima and a after) and that ensure weight loss in a few days or in a few weeks (we remind you that references to the timing or quantity of weight loss are prohibited in advertising for weight loss supplements).

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