1. DAY
ITAS TRENTINO – VERONA VOLLEY 3-0 (25-16, 29-27, 25-23)
Itas Trentino: Sbertoli 4, Kaziyski 16, Lisinac 12, Pinali 9, Lavia 8, Podrascanin 8, De Angelis (L), Zenger (L), Michieletto 2. NE Sperotto, Albergati, D’Heer, Cavuto. Herds Lorenzetti.
Verona Volley: Spirito 1, Asparuhov 7, Nikolic 3, Jensen 7, Mozic 18, Courtesy 4, Bonami (L), Donati (L), Vieira De Oliveira 0, Qafarena 5, Aguenier 0, Magalini 4. NE Zanotti. Herds Stoytchev.
REFEREES: Brancati, Saltalippi.
NOTES – set duration: 25 ‘, 33’, 26 ‘; tot: 84 ′. – The ranking

TRENTO – At the BLM Group Arena it is the 41st derby dell’Adige to inaugurate the 2021/22 season of Itas Trentino and Verona Volley and close the program of the 1st day. The first race of the Dolomites of the post Giannelli era coincides with the first as an opponent in the Trentino plant for the Brazilian Raphael, director of many triumphs in the shadow of Bondone and awarded before the match. On the field for long stretches two teams were still under construction, with numerous points resulting from individual solutions both in attack and in service. Trento wins the match, but after a first set easily won thanks to the block and the mistakes of Verona he has to fight in the next two sets. In the second the guests have four set points to impact 1-1, in the third they arrive first at 21 points: it is therefore the greater experience of the Dolomites in the decisive moments to determine the 3-0 final. Dragged by the class and charisma of captain Kaziyski and the good mood of his power plants, Lorenzetti’s men win the whole stakes, but obviously they have to refine the team mechanisms. Stoytchev rotates all the men available and can be satisfied with Mozic’s performance, perhaps not very lucid in hot moments but certainly not lacking in personality.

Michieletto awarded by President Mosna

THE MOST AND THE LESS – At the end of the match the statistics reward Trento on the block (11-7) and in attack (49% -39%), while the guests do better from 9 meters (5-7). Dolomites better in positive receptions (51% -42%), Scaligeri in perfect ones (20% -23%). Veneti more foul overall (20-17), with 8 errors in attack against 4 from Trentino.
MVP of the match and best scorer of the Dolomites is Matey Kaziyski who closes with 16 points, the result of 4 aces, 3 blocks and 53% in attack. 12 points for Lisinac (67%, 2 blocks), 8 for the colleague of the department Podrascanin (50%, 2 blocks and 1 ace) who puts in difficulty the guest reception from 9 meters. Pinali signs 9 points with 50%, 8 for Lavia who does not break through in attack (36%) and suffers 4 aces. Sbertoli puts 3 walls on the scoresheet, while the game mechanisms are still not very oiled. Zenger does not sink in reception (55% positive, 13% perfect) and asserts himself in defense.
On the other side of the net, the top scorer is Mozic with 18 points (2 blocks, 1 ace, 47% in attack), which however pays in reception (29% positive, 17% perfect and 2 aces conceded). 7 points from the opposite Jensen, sterile in attack (27%), but incisive from 9 meters (3 aces). Asparuhov (7 points, 32%, 1 ace) goes out at a distance but keeps the hopes of his team alive in the second set and is replaced in the third by Magalini (4 points, 57%). Two walls each for Cortesia and Nikolic who, however, close with only 1 point each in attack, Bonami shines in reception (71% positive, 31% perfect).

SEXTETS – Lorenzetti initially leaves Michieletto at rest and puts Sbertoli in the direction, Pinali opposite, Kaziyski and Lavia in the band, Podrascanin and Lisinac in the center and Zenger free. Stoytchev responds with the diagonal Spirit-Jensen, Asparuhov and Mozic spikers, Nikolic and Cortesia central and Bonami free.

THE MATCH – At the start of the match, Trento’s attempt to extend, propitiated by Podrascanin’s serve (3-1), was immediately countered by Jensen’s ace (3-3). The walls of Kaziyski and Lisinac on Asparuhov bring the Dolomites up to +3 (7-4), which becomes +7 after Stoytchev’s time out thanks to three aces by the Bulgarian interspersed with another wall by Lisinac (11-4). Verona struggles in reception and does not break through in attack, Trento further widens the gap with two consecutive points from Pinali (14-6). Asparuhov plays the charge with three good beats that are worth a direct point and Mozic’s double counterattack, forcing Lorenzetti to stop the game (14-10). The Slovenian shoots out the attack of -3 and then gets printed by Sbertoli (16-10), the courtesy wall on Kaziyski and Jensen’s ace keep Verona in contact (18-14). Kaziyski is forgiven with the counterattack of the new +6 (20-14) and the joke that allows Lavia to sign on 22-15, so three errors in Verona’s attack give the partial to the Dolomites (25-16).

In the second part the score is kept in balance, with Spirito relying on Mozic while Sbertoli arms his power plants (6-6). Kaziyski replies to Nikolic, Lisinac transforms the faulty reception of the guests on Sbertoli’s bar into point (9-8). The errors in serving do not unlock the set and when Trento would have rebuilt it for the break Kaziyski touches the net downhill from the block action (13-13). Therefore, the new break of Trento still arrives from the center with Lisinac good at capitalizing after Verona had managed to save itself on the attack of Kaziyski (15-13). Stoytchev stops the game, but upon returning the Dolomites find the most three with their captain afterwards a great defense of Lavia (16-13). Trento is more convinced about dirty balls, the wall invasion whistled against the Scala brings the score to 18-14 and costs Stoytchev a card for protests. Asparuhov rejects the sender’s attack by Kaziyski (18-16), Lavia’s mani out closes the longest and most spectacular exchange of the set (20-16). Trento tries to escape with the rebuilt by Pinali (21-16), but first Mozic mends after a confused action then Lavia shoots out (21-19). Verona returns to -1 with the ace of Cortesia (22-21), Lorenzetti inserts Michieletto who, however, does not find the field on his first attack (22-22). The Scaligeri crown the comeback and earn the first set point thanks to Asparuhov (23-24), Lavia cancels with a large diagonal. Lavia and Lisinac respond to Mozic and Asparuhov (27-27), Michieletto is forgiven with the counterattack of 28-27 which is worth the set point for Trento, Kaziyski sends the credits on the partial with the ace of 29-27.

Trento starts better at the start of the third set with the walls of Podrascanin and Kaziyski and the winning serve by the Serbian, Jensen replies from 9 meters (3-3). Mozic also signs up for the ace festival, the newly entered Qafarena shoots the counter-overtaking point on the net, Cortesia harpoons Pinali’s lob (6-6). Stoytchev tries to change the interpreters, Lavia plays with the hands of the block, Magalini does not find the field and Trento stretches to 9-6. The young spiker from Verona is immediately forgiven, then Nikolic’s wall on Lavia brings the guests back to -1 (9-8). Stoytchev also inserts Raphael for Spirito and the Brazilian immediately unmasks Qafarena without a wall (12-11). Podrascanin spoils the +3 slash after Lisinac’s insidious serve (15-14), Raphael’s float confuses the Trentino attack and is worth the hook (15-15). Podrascanin gets forgiven by blocking Qafarena, Nikolic responds by printing Kaziyski, then it’s up to Sbertoli to send Mozic’s attack back to the sender (20-18). Verona does not give up and after Stoytchev’s time out overturns the score: Qafarena impacts from 9 meters then Mozic cunningly mocked the Trentino wall (20-21). The attack on the net by the Slovenian himself is worth the counter, Michieletto gives the double advantage by relying on his centimeters in the contest against the wall (23-21). It is the decisive break in the partial and the match: Verona cancels the first of the two match points, Lavia closes the contest at 25-23.

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