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Niantic announces the global launch of the revamped Mega Evolution with Mega Kangama and the One Mega Moment Event on the Pokémon GO Blog. JT Valor also noticed a small but nice detail: Mega-Kangama carries his cub on his shoulder!

The update for the mega development in Pokémon GO is available worldwide since yesterday evening! To mark the occasion, there’s a new Special Research, a special event, and a new Mega Raid! The event is designed to celebrate the launch of the new Mega Evolution and Mega Kanga and will run from April 29th at 10am PDT to May 1st, 2022 at 8pm PDT.

Mega-Update in Pokémon GO

This video gives you a quick overview of all the changes:

With the start of the event, Mega Kangama will appear in the Mega Raids of Pokémon GO appear and have an increased chance of being caught dazzlingly. During the event, a particularly large number of raids featuring Kangama will appear, and up to five free raid passes can be obtained for spinning photo discs during the event. Mega Pokémon also get a CP boost. Additionally, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Flegmon, Nebulak, Voltilamm, Haspiror, and Shnebedeck appear in the wild. This is complemented by special event field research that unlocks Mega Energy for various Poémon.

Dev Diary: Updates to Mega Evolution and Mega Raids

Read the latest developer diary from Ibe Owunwanne, a product manager for Pokémon GOto get an insight into the background of this update.

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