Sun creams: false protection indices?

Although some brands of parapharmacyfor example, have taken the initiative to withdraw rays the incriminated productsthese five sun creams are not not however prohibited sale at the moment.

However Purchasing test lodged a complaint with the FPS Public Health regarding these products.

When this type of complaint is filed, the FPS Health is responsible for contacting the authorities of the country where the producer has its headquarters. For example, the Spanish authorities, for a Spanish brand, then ask the manufacturer to redo the tests to prove that the sunscreen is compliant and that its protection factor is correct.

But now, even if the Test Achats tests are compliant, the maker of sunscreen can also provide tests compliant with different results (depending for example on the different techniques used by the laboratories). A “battle” of tests that can sometimes take time.

However, it must be kept in mind that the protection factoreven if it is very high, is not the miracle indicator… It does not dispense with thinking about renew the application of the cream every 2 to 3 hours and especially to limit its time of exposure to the sun.



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