Summer vacation parent-child fun and fun Lions travel selection of 5 parent-child travel itineraries- Liberty Arts Network

Summer vacation parent-child fun and fun Lions travel selection of 5 parent-child travel itineraries- Liberty Arts Network

Catering to the summer vacation market, Lion Travel has selected “Top 5 Parent-child Travel Itineraries for Summer Vacation”. (Provided by Lion Travel)

[Reporter Zhou Xingrui/Taipei Report]Summer vacation is a good time for parent-child travel. Parents who want to save money may wish to seize the last opportunity of the travel industry to rush to buy; Lion Travel has selected “Top 5 Parent-child Travel Itineraries for Summer Vacation”, focusing on Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Italy and Taiwan, whether it is a theme park, a topical attraction, or an in-depth exploration of human history and culture, all can meet the needs of different tourists. The maximum discount of 10,000 yuan is available for designated products, and there are other coupons. Buy one get one free discount.

Italy is a popular European parent-child travel destination this year. (Provided by Lion Travel)

Lion Travel said that South Korea is the first place with the highest CP value of summer vacation travel, such as Seoul Lotte World Park and Everland, Busan’s Haeundae Sky Capsule Train, Songdo Sea Cable Car, etc., are all good places for children to discharge their energy, “Seoul Love Treasure Land Myeongdong 5-Day Tour” starts from RMB 21,499 per person. Singapore has multiple races and cultures. Chinese signs can be seen everywhere on the streets, and there are even “Taiwanese Mae Tong”. This year, many parent-child tourist attractions have been added. For example, the newly opened “Bird Park” opened in May to breed more than 400 species of birds. It is the largest bird paradise in Asia; the “Ice Cream Museum” has both food and fun. In addition to learning about the history and culture of ice cream, there are also ice creams of various flavors that you can eat to your heart’s content. The “Singapore Double Paradise 5-Day Tour” is recommended for 39,900 per person From yuan.

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Enjoy a leisurely family vacation in Kyushu, Japan. (Provided by Lion Travel)

As for Japan, the favorite of Taiwanese tourists, if you are tired of Tokyo and Osaka, come to Kyushu to enjoy a leisurely vacation time. “Parent-child Summer Vacation Kyushu 5-Day Tour” visits Huis Ten Bosch, Saga Balloon Museum, Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium, and more. You can eat Nagasaki cakes, Ichiran ramen and other delicacies; if you want to experience different scenery, Italy is a popular European parent-child travel destination this year, whether it is the Roman Colosseum, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, or Venice, the water capital, etc. You can have a glimpse of the gorgeous classical aesthetics of the Renaissance, and walk through all the scenery in the textbook by yourself. “Specially Selected Italy 10 Days” starts from 76,900 yuan per person.

The blue-skin Jieyou night train is limited for a limited time. (Provided by Lion Travel)

If you don’t want to go abroad, Taiwan in summer is just as exciting. The highlight is the “Taitung Hot Air Balloon Carnival” where you can see a variety of colorful and uniquely shaped hot air balloons competing in the sky. The tethered experience of riding a hot air balloon to enjoy the thrill of taking off is a must-do for tourists The point is, there is also a time-limited Lanpi Jieyou No. night train, where you can feel the quiet sound of waves and the comfortable summer night breeze, and taste the limited lunch boxes carefully selected by the tribal chefs. We recommend “Blue Pi Jieyou, Taitung Hot Air Balloon Carnival” 2-day tour” starts from RMB 4,499 per person. Especially from 6/17 to 8/31, the “Summer Price! China Travel Double Discount” is launched. The first level: 2 days or more, 200 yuan per person (limited to those who occupy a bed); the second level: designated itinerary area, download Simply enter summer500, and a single order of over 2,000 yuan will be discounted by 500 yuan. For more FUN summer vacation products, please refer to the official website of Lion Travel:

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