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School meals are an important source of nutrition for children and adolescents. Most schools offer lunch and breakfast, and many have after-school lunch and dinner options. These meals can be free or reduced price. Ask your school office about how to sign up for school meals.

Find on a map the locations that distribute meals for children under 18 years of age in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Click here.

Balanced and nutritious meals offer immeasurable benefits:

  • Greater assistance
  • Behavior improvements.
  • More student engagement
  • Better diet and physical health.
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Improved emotional health.
  • Decreased risk of obesity and diabetes.

Second Harvest is working with school districts and other community partners to maximize the use of these programs, ensuring that students receive the food they need to fully participate in school and life. We help connect districts with federal dollars and best practices. Recognizing that school breakfast is severely underused by many local families, we advocate for breakfast models that work for families and children.

Breakfast in the classroom
Serve breakfast when and where all the children can eat.

Breakfast to go
Let the kids eat quick, healthy meals on the way to class.

Second Chance Breakfast
Serve students during a mid-morning break.

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