Summer on the Costa Blanca: Drinking water doesn't taste the way it should

Summer on the Costa Blanca: Drinking water doesn't taste the way it should

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View from a cobbled path onto a crowded beach on the Costa Blanca.

Too much tourism for drinking water? In summer, the problems accumulate on the Costa Blanca. © Christine Peters

In summer there are always problems with drinking water on the Costa Blanca. This is also the case in Teulada-Moraira, where there have been complaints about the salty taste. But the town hall gives the all-clear.

Teulada-Moraira – For a month now, the drinking water flowing from some taps in Teulada or Moraira has not tasted the way it should. “The water that the town hall is supplying us this summer via the Hidraqua company is salty,” the opposition Compromís party put it in a nutshell in a statement on social networks at the beginning of the last week of August. The high salt content makes it practically unusable for domestic needs, the people in the double community on the Costa Blanca are concerned, protests are hailing in Internet forums, reports

However, the problem is not new. Teulada-Moraira also had to struggle with drinking water problems in the past summers. Responsible for this, according to Compromís, the tourism and an ailing supply network. As the newspaper “Levante” reports, the water consortium from Teulada-Moraira and Benitachell had already contacted the water supply company Amsaja in the neighboring town of the Costa Blanca, Jávea, at the beginning of June in order to buy water from its desalination plant for urgent reasons.

Summer on the Costa Blanca: Drinking water doesn’t taste the way it should

But whether it’s an old problem or a new one: How and whether drinking water comes out of the tap affects everyone, which is why Compromís addressed several questions to Mayor Raúl Llobell (PP), who represented the water consortium of the Costa Blanca municipalities in Teulada- Moraira and Benitachell. In addition to a public statement about the water problems, the opposition party demanded that all reports on water quality be published this summer, that the agreement between the water company responsible for Teulada Hidraqua and Amjasa in Jávea for the purchase of water be made public, that an expert opinion on the whereabouts of the €4.29 million announced by Llobell in 2021 when it renewed its contract with Hidraqua for investments, and that the board of the water consortium will meet – a meeting that has not taken place since the beginning of the legislature. “Citizens are paying a very high price for water of very poor quality,” said Compromís spokeswoman Rosa Vila.

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Teulada’s town hall responded to Compromís’ allegations the same day. “As you can see, the PP government is functioning and reacting in a Facebook-like manner,” Compromís complained after this swift official statement, which compared the drinking water problem with the “summer situation of hydric stress in this zone and the Drought affecting the whole country‘ was explained. In fact, according to the town hall, the levels of mineral salts (chloride and sodium) in the municipality’s drinking water are “in certain areas” slightly above the official recommendations. Concentrations that are permitted under current legislation. The drinking water analyzes that are carried out regularly certify that the water is suitable for consumption and that there are currently no supply restrictions – this was already the case in other regions of Spain this summer – give. If the water tastes salty from time to time, this is due to the minerals mentioned. However, this is a temporary problem.

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