Summer fairy tale: Fifa declares living key witnesses dead – sport

Franz Beckenbauer’s enigmatic millions once flowed to the functionary Mohamed bin Hammam. He could resolve the German World Cup cause – but instead of asking the Qatar, the Fifa ethicists declared him dead.


Johannes Aumüller and Thomas Kistner

Most of it remains unresolved in the eternal “summer fairy tale” affair surrounding the 2006 World Cup. What is certain, however, is that the Qatari official Mohamed bin Hammam plays a key role – as the recipient of the payment that started the scandal. Ten million Swiss francs, this sum was loaned by the former Adidas boss Robert Louis-Dreyfus to the German World Cup organizer Franz Beckenbauer; he transferred the money to Qatar. Purpose and consideration? Nobody knows better than bin Hammam. Yes, he even laughed into a ZDF camera in 2018, he had received the money. But things went very differently than everyone thought. How?