Summer 2021 jacket, short-sleeved like Tilda Swinton in Cannes

Give us a split second: we will separate the “Chalamintons” (aka the super cool duo formed with Timothée Chalamet, so renamed on the Croisette) to talk about short-sleeved jacket by Tilda Swinton, obsession and absolute Summer 2021 fashion trend. The androgynous style of the British actress – in competition at the Cannes Film Festival with the film The French Dispatch by Wes Anderson – is a pure celebration of the creative flair of the designer who created the suit in which his own jacket is contextualized. In the name of the French designer Haider Ackermann, in fact, chapters and chapters of the history of fashion resound, which are concretized today in the look di Tilda Swinton a Cannes.

3/4 cut cigarette trousers with front ironing, décolletées nude pointed in contrast with the vivid and vibrant blue sky of his suit: to make the bet even more solid and structured is the short-sleeved jacket, the perfect Summer 2021 fashion trend, which pushes the boxy silhouette of the shoulder straps to the maximum and closes with the styling trick of the wraparound garments. No jewels, just sunglasses, a veil of coral lipstick and her iconic pixie cut: if we could translate Tilda Swinton’s look into the verse of a song, we would choose exactly what Haider Ackermann thought for her: “Never look back, walk tall, act fine “, sang David Bowie in Golden Years.

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In addition to outlining sky blue as a Summer 2021 fashion color, the short-sleeved jacket from Tilda Swinton’s suit at Cannes it is also a concentrate of fashion history pills. How and in what way did Haider Ackermann come to create a garment that is as minimal as it is structured, to the point of being considered a statement? The French designer born in 1971 in Colombia has come a long way to give us today so much beauty and so much wonder, directly from the Croisette. Before even founding his namesake fashion house in 2001, he was in fact an intern of John Galliano and always deeply inspired by the work of Yves Saint Laurent. No wonder, then, that his name has often emerged on the table of potential creative directors of Saint Laurent, and think that even Karl Lagerfeld seems to have included him in his time among the possible successors at the helm of Chanel.

Tilda Swinton a Cannes in Haider Ackermann.

Lionel HahnGetty Images

Now, re-observing Tilda Swinton’s short-sleeved jacket suit, even Summer 2021 fashion trends find more context in the past (to better root in the present). We are faced with a masterpiece that the look itself lets go of itself: without jewels, without shoes that can even remotely try to steal the show. Without clutch or other accessories, because the essential is already (everything) contained in the clear and decisive lines that sculpt the silhouette in the sign of Haider Ackermann’s aesthetics. This is the unique and absolute guide to wearing the short-sleeved jacket like Tilda Swinton in Cannes: simply, respecting the absolute precepts of ready-to-wear, without breaking the suit. And cast the first stone who would dare to say that the final result is not a vision with a WOW effect.

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