Sulz: Police divers find dangerous detonators in the Rhine during practice

At the beginning of April, divers from the Orca unit of the Baselland police found various illegally disposed weapons on the bottom of the river during a training dive in the Rhine near Sulz in the canton of Aargau. For security reasons, the items had to be salvaged the following day. The explosive capsules were detonated in a controlled manner on site. The Rheintalstrasse had to be closed for a short time.

A total of 34 detonators, various ammunition and a weapon were found during the salvage. All dumped illegally. The Aargau cantonal police have initiated investigations in this regard. Anyone who can provide information about the objects found or their disposal is asked to contact the base in Frick.

The media release from Kapo Aargau also points out that the following should be observed when ammunition or explosives are found: Never touch, mark and report. Finds can be reported to the duds center.



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