A video captured the moment when a plane crashed and caught fire near a high school in Santee, California, leaving two dead and two injured. One of the fatalities was identified as Sugata Das, a cardiologist at Yuma Regional Medical Center, Arizona, and the other is a worker from UPS, which was on land.

The events were recorded on Monday, around 12:00 pm, when the twin-engine Cessna 340, piloted by the cardiologist Das crashed into a Santee neighborhood, near a secondary school, highlights the police report.

Avioenta is caught in free fall

In a video published by the KSWB-TV site, you can see how the plane is taking a nosedive and falls behind some houses. To the crash to the ground, immediately a cloud of fire and smoke arises.

The plane crash occurred at the intersection of Jeremy and Greencastle streets, where several houses were damaged, local authorities reported.

One of those houses on fire was that of Marie Morris and her husband Phil Morris, who managed to be rescued by their neighbors, he told the New York Post, Jim Slaff, son of the woman.

The woman called for help through one of her windows. His neighbor Michael Keeley, 43, responded to his call. who said that he took her by the arm, that she was burned and, as he could, took her out of the house to put her to safety.

While Morris was rescued from the backyard of his house, neighbors had to pull down a fence to get to him.

Neighbors have told local media that a loud crash was heard when the plane hit the ground. Some came out barefoot to see what had happened, and were surprised at how the damaged area was.

The couple was transferred to UC San Diego Medical Center, where they reported stable, despite the shock they experienced at the strong accident from which they survived.

“It is a war zone. It’s not even a house, “Slaff said, after seeing the area how it was after the plane crashed.

In addition to the cardiologist, a UPS driver, who was on the ground aboard his truck, also died in the accident, the parcel company confirmed, but did not reveal the name of the worker.

The first investigations highlight that the pilot received a message from an air traffic controller that the plane was flying very low.

“Low altitude alert, get on immediately, get on the plane”said the controller and asked the pilot to climb 5,000 feet, according to what was published by Fox 5.

Das’s flight plan was to fly from Yuma, Arizona, to the Montgomery Gibbs Executive Airport in Kearny Mesa, Santee Mayor John Minto said.

Authorities continue to investigate the causes of the accident.

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