A small group of sugarcane growers protested this Monday on Leopoldo Navarro Avenue, in an attempt to reach the Ministry of the Interior and Police, to oppose the deportations of pregnant Haitians.

Despite being a peaceful protest, at one point there was a small confrontation with the police authorities, who prevented reaching the Juan Pablo Duarte building, where the Interior and Police headquarters are located.

The spokesman for the Cañeros Workers Union (UTC), Jesús Núñez, said that “this measure of removing pregnant women is a violation of human rights and the regulations of the immigration law.”

He affirmed that “the payment of pensions and benefits to sugarcane workers has not been made”.

During the protest, which lasted about two hours, it was clarified that the fact that the regularization of Haitian workers in the sugarcane sectors was not carried out is part of the causes that led them to stand in the streets with megaphone in hand.

Although the Protestant group appeared today in opposition to the immigration measures, it assures that it does not end there, as they soon announced that they will hold a march against violence against Haitian women.

This demonstration was raised as a result of the Minister of the Interior and Police, Chu Vasquez, indicating that the Dominican Republic is in a “serious situation” in relation to the increase in pregnant women from neighboring Haiti.

“Haitian women in labor have increased. Before they were 15%, this has reached up to 40%, “said Vásquez, while highlighting that the General Directorate of Migration has made a decision to deal with the current scenario.

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He stressed that “the Dominican State is not capable of solving the problems of the Dominicans and of the Dominicans; of the Haitians less.”


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