'Sugar' Castro is discharged after shock and falling off the stretcher;  WBC will review the fight

'Sugar' Castro is discharged after shock and falling off the stretcher; WBC will review the fight

A moment of anguish occurred on the night of this Saturday, April 29, when the Mexican boxer Fidel ‘Sugar’ Castro was left unconscious on the canvas of the ring after being knocked out by his rival, Israel ‘Azulito’ Ramírez.

‘Sugar’ Castro and ‘Azulito’ Ramírez faced each other this weekend at a performance held in Mexicali, Baja California by the World Boxing Council (WBC) super bantamweight silver youth championship.

In the fourth round of the contest, ‘Sugar’ was cornered in one of the corners and received several blows from his opponentbut managed to stay on his feet.

When Castro tried to counterattack, ‘Azulito’ hit him in the neck with his forearm when trying a hook o crochet and fell unconscious on the body of his rival and then on the canvas.

The match referee approached ‘Sugar’ Castro and despite the fact that the boxer did not react, He did not count for him to get up or immediately ask for the admission of the doctorsunleashing disbelief and annoyance from TV Azteca commentators.

“Oh my God, it doesn’t move!”, “The referee doesn’t move it!”, “Where is the doctor?”, “Nothing else is seeing it”expressed the journalist Rafael Ayala, the commentator Rodolfo Vargas and the ex-boxer Julio César Chávez.

A few seconds later, a paramedic climbed up to check on the boxer, they gave him oxygen to react and placed him on a stretcher to transfer him to an ambulance.


Due to an alleged accidental blow to the neck, ‘Sugar’ Castro fell to the canvas, was treated and managed to react, will be subjected to studies and will be under observation.#BoxAzteca pic.twitter.com/IpoXEQtYqB

— Box Azteca (@BoxAzteca7) April 30, 2023

The last straw was that when the paramedics lowered the ‘Sugar’ Castro, they fell off the stretcher, once again unleashing the surprise of TV Azteca commentators for the apparent negligence. “Wow! It can’t be what we’re seeing!” “Double knockout! Don’t mess around!”expressed Vargas and Chávez.

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Castro was put in an ambulance and managed to react, according to TV Azteca commentators. The boxer was taken to a hospital for medical studies and he was discharged the next dayinformed Mauricio Sulaimán, president of the WBC.

“Thank God the boxer Fidel Castro was discharged in Mexicali,” Sulaimán posted on Twitter. “There will be a review of what happened since there is a controversy with the blow that caused the knockout. The decision of the world youth committee will be announced later.

‘Azulito’ Ramírez was declared the winner of the fight and the new WBC junior silver super bantamweight champion despite the apparent illegal punch with which he knocked out his rival.

Fidel ‘Sugar’ Castro’, from Lerdo, DurangoBefore this fight, he had a record of 8 wins (5 by KO) and 3 losses. He was the CMP silver youth super bantamweight champion in February 2022beating the then undefeated American Tyrese Cormier by points, in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

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