A quad was close at hand for Yamaha during the Andalusian Grand Prix, and possibly a first MotoGP podium for Franco Morbidelli, who was in front of Maverick Viñales when his motorcycle abandoned him, eight laps from the finish. This new engine warning for the manufacturer of Iwata has prompted the drivers to unanimously ask that the question be taken with the utmost serious from now on, while the situation is already becoming critical after these first two races of the championship.

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In a speech that echoes that of his colleagues, Morbidelli wished to recall that reliability should be the responsibility of engineers and that, for his part, he had provided the maximum that was expected of him as a pilot. “I only worry about what I can control and this is something I cannot control”, he emphasizes. “It’s not my job, my job is to get on the bike and do my best, to be professional on and off the track. I try to do that as well as possible. Concerning the bike there is engineers, mechanics, technicians working there, so I can’t worry about that. I can only worry about my riding and the way the bike is tuned. “

“It happened suddenly. The bike just stopped and we don’t know why”, explains the pilot Petronas about his retirement, indicating that, unlike Valentino Rossi a week earlier, he did not see a red light appear. “I just felt the engine stopped moving and cut the bike off because I didn’t know what was going to happen. It wasn’t a real breakage, just something was wrong, I didn’t quite understand what was wrong, but when in doubt I shut off the engine. “

Personally, Morbidelli leaves Jerez satisfied, strengthened in the idea that he had progressed during the offseason. Like a Pecco Bagnaia who saw him slip out of second place on a scrap when he was close to the goal, his VR46 Academy colleague does not want to be overwhelmed by disappointment and prefers to see the glass at half full.

“I’m very happy with my level of driving. I saw that I had progressed in tests, in Qatar and in Sepang, but I was not sure to take this level in the race as well. With these two races, I must say that I have raised my level. I am much faster than last year, more consistent in the race “, he congratulates himself. “I reconfirmed what I felt in the test, now we just have to continue like this, that we continue to work and improve because we are on the right track.”

“I felt really comfortable during this race. I glued quite comfortably. I made a little mistake behind Vale and lost seven tenths, but I was able to make it up pretty easily. I was ready for it. the final rush “, assure Morbidelli. “We have to remember the positive of this weekend, which was the speed I had in the race and my consistency. I was aggressive in the race, I felt really good, very comfortable with the bike and comfortable to maintain my rhythm. My starting position was not the one we wanted, it is not yet ready but we are progressing, it was better than last weekend. “

“I’m pretty happy, because I was really fast in the previous race, and again this one because I felt great, I was going towards the podium and towards the first place even if it was still far away, I was having really good times late in the race. I keep that and I want to take it to Brno, Austria and until the end of the championship… and my career! “