Succulents that resist fire and high temperatures

Las plants They are of vital importance for the environment, since it has been proven that vegetation helps to control and regulate the climate. Since, due to the thin ozone layer, the Sun’s rays penetrate the Earth with greater intensity, causing natural disasters such as forest fires. Fortunately, succulents tolerate high temperatures and prevent fires. We tell you more about it.

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Succulents are plants that resist high temperatures

In some forests or hot places with highly flammable vegetation, such as the forests of California or Australia, they have opted for plant fauna that helps prevent forest fires. Some of them believe that the succulents and cacti They are ideal for this purpose.

succulents Photo: File.

Las succulents They are made up almost entirely of water, since they store large amounts of this liquid in their leaves. That makes them little flammable objects or beings.

That is why it is believed that a berry from this type of plant could prevent a forest fire from spreading, because unlike the palm tree or the Eucalyptus tree, these plants do not usually burn easily.

Although there are wide variety of succulentswe want to talk to you about two that are ideal for this purpose.

blue balm
blue balm. Photo: Instagram

senecio blue balm

This plant receives the scientific name of Kleinia mandraliscae. It is a species native to southern Africa and due to its place of origin it is ideal for hot climates, it is perfect for exteriors and semi-shade. So if you live in a place with high temperatures, this plant is for you.

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tree of abundance
Tree of abundance. Photo: Instagram

tree of abundance

If you want a plant that helps to refresh your home or adorn your garden, the abundance tree is perfect for you. In addition, this species tolerates the sun’s rays very well and attracts abundance.

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