Subject was murdered by a pool 'boy' in San Martín

Subject was murdered by a pool 'boy' in San Martín

Ismael Méndez, 34, was murdered with a knife in the middle of a fight that was generated by a billiards ‘boy’ in an establishment in the corregimiento Terraplén, belonging to the municipality of San Martín, south of Cesar.

According to the authorities, Ismael Méndez went to blows with a man for the loss of a pool game, but the latter’s son got into the fight and attacked Ismael Méndez with a knife.

Méndez was taken to a municipal care center where he arrived without vital signs due to injuries to different parts of his body.

The National Police, for its part, carried out patrols in the area and managed to capture the aforementioned aggressor, who was left at the disposal of the Prosecutor’s Office.

The subject must respond before a guarantee control judge for the crime of homicide in the preliminary hearings for legalization of capture, imputation of charges and imposition of an insurance measure.

The victim’s body was transferred to the Aguachica Legal Medicine headquarters.

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