After a fatal attack with a samurai sword on the open street in Stuttgart, the perpetrator was sentenced to 14 years in prison for murder. In addition, the Stuttgart Regional Court ordered that the man be placed in a psychiatric hospital.

The judge spoke of a “terrible and deeply contemptible act.” According to the defense lawyers, the 31-year-old was incapacitated in the bloody deed last July, so they had asked for acquittal. In addition, the accused had to be placed in a psychiatry.

The ruling goes beyond the demands of the public prosecutor, who had pleaded for therapy and 13 years in prison for murder. The co-plaintiffs, on the other hand, had asked for the toughest possible punishment: life imprisonment and determining the particular gravity of the guilt. The man would not have been released early.

Prosecutor: “absolute will to destroy”

The convict had attacked and killed his former roommate in public about a year ago and in front of the victim’s 11-year-old daughter. According to the prosecutor, the man killed “with absolute will to destroy”. He imagined that he had been abused or ridiculed by the victim. Therefore, he took revenge for a 73 centimeter long sword.

The evidence for the bloody deed was clear, among other things, from cell phone videos from local residents and a confession of the 31-year-old to the police. But the big question of “why” is still only partially answered, according to the jury chamber of the Stuttgart district court.

An expert had classified the accused as less guilty because of delusions. In most of the conversations, the perpetrator seemed to be in control and weighed what he said, the expert said. Sometimes the man claimed to be a prophet, sometimes he himself expressed doubts about it. The Chamber also ultimately came to the conclusion that the perpetrator was only partially master of his senses at the time of the attack.