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The smart mobile phone is the product that best represents modern capitalism. Products as successful as Apple’s iPhone are designed in the United States but made in China, the world’s factory. And other brands work on the same principle. Costs are saved, profits are improved, and distribution is better channeled. But the time has come to think about the greenest part.

One of the rumors of the most prestigious analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo that begin to move in the sector has to do with environmental defense. Apple and, perhaps also Samsung, according to the first leaks, are studying the possibility of selling their next mobile phone models without a charger or cables.

This decision, in principle, is aimed at taking care of the planet, if it finally occurs. Electronic waste accumulates, is harmful and, after several years selling terminals, Who else who least has a compatible charger in a drawer. On the other hand, it may be an embarrassing situation for consumers, who will have to purchase it outside of the purchase of their «smartphones».

What has begun to move in the Internet lies that the iPhone 12, As the possible new Apple terminal has already been named, it will arrive without cables, without Earpods headphones and without the Lightning charger that is usually found inside the box. It would not be the only brand to do so because, according to specialized media, Samsung also study this possibility for your future terminals.

But also, in economic terms, it can represent cost savings and an increase in profit margins for companies. Something necessary due to the jump to 5G networks that has caused a greater investment in electronic components. The idea is that, to the detriment of consumer comfort, cables can become accessories and not be “given away” with the purchase of products. Another possible reason that has been associated with this controversial movement is to try to bypass the restrictions imposed by Europe when establishing standardized connections for electronic products.

The move isn’t really new, since Apple doesn’t include a charger in its headphones. AirPods o los relojes Apple Watch. In the packaging there is only the charging cable, enough for those consumers who already have iPhone products in their homes. In the past Motorola did the same with the launch of the famous Moto G. But that does not mean, although there are other predictions that bet on the contrary, that the final price of the new «smartphones» is cheaper. The debate is open. They will do it?