Diet plays a role in protecting you from many diseases, but at the same time it may be an important factor in the incidence of the most dangerous types of diseases such as cancer, especially with certain types of this disease, so experts constantly recommend choosing foods that are included in your daily meals, to avoid the effects that You may get used to overdoing it.

A report issued by the Harvard-affiliated Dana-Farber Cancer Institute warned against eating eggs in large portions during your day, as eating eggs can increase the risk of prostate cancer by up to 70%, so it is necessary to warn about the risks of excessive eating because it contains It contains choline, a major component in eggs, which has previously been linked to an increased risk of fatal disease.

Researchers have warned that some diets that focus on eating eggs can increase the risk of prostate cancer, after conducting a study on a number of participants, who ate large portions of choline in eggs, which led to an increase in the incidence of fatal prostate cancer by 70 percent. Compared to men who consumed less choline.

The researchers determined that the recommended daily intake for men of choline in eggs is 500 mg per day, and women are advised to eat about 424 mg of choline per day.

The study showed that eggs are not the main source of choline, which is also found in other food sources such as meat, milk and poultry, and the researchers explained that choline is highly concentrated in prostate cancer cells, but choline-rich foods are not the only ones associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer. Eating saturated fats also increases the risk of developing this type of cancer cells.


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