Study: AstraZeneca and Biontech / Pfizer vaccine combination is highly effective

According to preliminary findings from German scientists, a combination of the corona vaccines from AstraZeneca and Biontech / Pfizer significantly increases the body’s immune response. As the Saarland University announced on Monday in Saarbrücken, the researchers examined the defense reactions of 250 people from different test groups. Some of them received both vaccinations with only one active ingredient. The others were first infected with AstraZeneca, then Biontech / Pfizer.

Double Biontech / Pfizer vaccinations or combined vaccinations with the preparations from AstraZeneca and Biontech / Pfizer showed, according to the university, “significantly higher” efficacy than double immunizations with AstraZeneca. However, the results have not yet been scientifically published and are therefore to be regarded as provisional.

A combination of the vaccines even leads to a slightly higher immune response than a double Biontech / Pfizer vaccination alone, the researchers reported. They examined the participants’ immune responses in detail. They found that after combination vaccinations and after pure double vaccinations with Biontech / Pfizer, significantly more antibodies and so-called T cells appeared. The experts were “surprised” at the clarity of these differences.

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