Studio behind Euro Truck Simulator 2 will not release Russia DLC for the time being – Gaming – News

‘Political issue’ is, of course, an empty box.
Everything is political, because we live in a constitutional state. The concept of ‘political issue’ indicates that there are people who disagree about how something is viewed or handled, and that it falls along political or party lines. And certainly that there are things that become too sensitive as a result. Because: there are also people on the other side.
But I haven’t actually come across a single Eastern European (ex Warshaw pact) who is pro-Russian or even neutral.
I can’t imagine there being so many. The Russians in those regions may well, especially if they only follow Russian media. Frankly, I don’t see what you gain by protecting their sensitivities. Furthermore, as far as I can see, they are one block opposite Putin.
And then that DLC is indeed quite sensitive, from a marketing point of view. But I can also imagine that most employees are also tired of Putin, and don’t feel like celebrating Russia with a release.

That after decades of Russian propaganda there are still people pro-Russia in the rest of Europe, they should not care in those countries either, because they are clearly people who either do not know their history or do not care about the suffering of the ex-Warsaw countries. find.

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