studies medicine at the UBA and is the attraction of the Globe of Death in a circus

He is currently in his second year of medicine and his life is divided into two passions, love for medicine and love for the adrenaline that motorcycles cause him. Ayelen holds “I am completely happy and when she heard the exclamation and the shouts from the audience saying, she is a woman, sometimes I get emotional because I feel that here men and women are equal. I love this job and I already want a new feature to start.”

“Besides, my classmates, the first thing they do is ask me how the function went, when one of the teachers found out, she called me and asked me if it was true, and there she took the opportunity to congratulate me.” and went on to say “When I leave college I organize my things and I arrive at the circus happy, because I know that the whole family is passionate about this number.”


This year the Rodas Circus celebrates its 40 years of life

As always, the circus has the classic magic numbers that surprise causing mystery and applause, in addition, the circus this year presents a totally renewed show that the public of Buenos Aires will be amazed. The dancing waters, the choreographic body with more than twenty dancers on stage, the magical and daring knife thrower, the high-altitude air performances, and the majesty of the trapeze artists with their deadly turns, the enthusiasm and delirium of the clown “Cachipuchi”, who at only 18 years of age manages to make the audience laugh, participate and echo his pranks. In addition, this year the magical flying motorcycles were incorporated that astonish adults and children, the art of vertigo makes the hearts of the public beat strong, when a motorcycle crosses at full speed, climbs the ramp, does a pirouette and falls from the top of the circus tent. Safety pin

After the pandemic, Circo Rodas celebrates its 40th anniversary on Av. Crovara and General Paz and offers performances daily at 8:30 p.m., Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays at 3:30 p.m., 6:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. A show for the whole family to have fun and have fun.



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