Students of Medicine and Surgical Instrumentation of the UCC will do internships at the “Dr. Ramon Carrillo

After the signature promoted by the authorities of both institutions, through a framework agreement, the students will begin in June to carry out professionalizing internships.

Participating in the agreement were María José Zanglá and Cristian Niño, members of the hospital’s Board of Directors, Roberto Cario, coordinator of the Teaching and Research area together with the vice-rector of the Catholic University of Cuyo, Melina Maluf Martínez, and the dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences , Margarita MacMichael.

Cario asserted that it is “a day of great joy, in which part of the stages of the inauguration of ‘Ramón Carrillo’ are fulfilled, since the nosocomio had been projected as a ‘teaching hospital,'” he stressed.

In addition, he stated that students will find themselves with an advanced technological level of equipment that will allow them to prioritize their learning.

“This agreement is a very important step for us,” said Mc Michael. He indicated that this is a long-awaited measure by the educational institution that has more than 120 students in the medical career.

Regarding the infrastructure of the healthcare center, he said that it is very important since “it contributes to the training and knowledge of the students”, and highlighted: “There is no health science that can be trained if it is not done in a health institution”.

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Note, photos and video: Press Hospital Central “Dr. Ramon Carrillo”.

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