Students give high marks to IVA supervisors during the pandemic

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What was it like doing an internship in intensive care during the pandemic? A study shows that future specialist nurses experienced a good learning environment – despite the fact that the supervisors had a tough work situation.

The Covid-19 pandemic put healthcare under enormous pressure and in particular, employees in intensive care units around the world were affected.

Supervisors in intensive care experienced particular pressure. They would, at the same time as they introduced new employees to intensive care, also continue to supervise students on business-based training.

The students were satisfied

In a new study, researchers have interviewed eight students who trained as specialist nurses in intensive care. They had their operational training during the pandemic.

The students answered that they have received the best possible guidance based on the special circumstances that prevailed and their experiences of the learning were positive.

– This study also shows the supervisor competence of the intensive care nurses that even under stressful conditions the supervisors can provide the students with a good learning environment. It is important that the supervisors in the business receive that feedback, says Maria Andersson, researcher at the Red Cross University.

Felt the supervisors’ stress

At the same time, the study shows that the students were worried about being a burden to supervisors and they were anxious to be able to contribute to patient care. And although the supervisors were perceived as competent and secure in their profession, the students could sense stress and a feeling of inadequacy in the supervisors.

– We thought it would be very tough to be a student in this situation. The fact that the students were so satisfied may have to do with the fact that they had to do more and be more independent. I think they grew with the task. At the same time, there were situations where students felt they had to take on too much responsibility, so a balance is needed, says Åsa Engström, professor of nursing at Luleå University of Technology in a press release.

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The study is a collaboration between Luleå University of Technology, the University of the Red Cross and Karlstad University.


Learning in intensive care during the COVID-19 pandemic postgraduate critical care nursing students’ experiences , International Journal of Medical Education


Maria Andersson, lecturer at the Department of Health Sciences, Red Cross University, [email protected]

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