750 euros is the average rent for a studio in Ile-de-France according to Se Loger. It goes up to almost 900 euros in Paris! A huge expense for many students who, on the eve of the start of the school year in September, set out to find an apartment. Here are five ways to lighten up the note.

Opt for colocation

Very popular solution: shared accommodation. It allows you to pay less and also to live in a bigger space. “Having a shared room in Paris means paying 20 to 30% less than a studio,” explains Lauren Dannay, the co-founder of Whoomies, a site that allows in particular to connect candidates for shared accommodation according to their affinities.

But as for traditional rentals, the housing supply is low: 8 to 10 requests for a room in the capital. “Even so, more and more owners are getting started because profitability is better,” notes Lauren Dannay. But beware, this “way of life” is not for everyone: you have to agree to share your living space with one or more other people …

Share the roof of a senior

Bringing company and some services to a single person for a room in a large apartment? This is the principle of intergenerational cohabitation. Parisian social landlords even encourage it in order to fight against the under-occupation of its housing.

Colette, a start-up launched a month of a year ago in this segment, has concentrated in Paris and Ile-de-France. “We have a lot of requests since the results of the admissions,” explains Justine Renaudet, the co-founder. There is an economic aspect, with rooms rented from 500 euros including charges, eligible for APL, combined with the fact that we have large accommodation with a room which, on its own, is sometimes the size of a studio. “

Living in a retirement home

Domitys, which has senior residences across the country, offers students a free two-room apartment for a few hours of presence with residents. In Ile-de-France, five residences will welcome students in September via the Appart’Âge operation (Corbeil-Essonnes, Cergy, Versailles, Rueil-Malmaison and Melun). “We have an employment contract signed for 59 hours over ten months, the salary of which covers the rent,” explains Sébastien Gehannin, the operating director of Domitys.

Each week, the student must spend at least 15 hours with the residents: dinner with them, participate in the evenings, in the events organized in the residence … No typical profile: “We ensure that the student is motivated, that he is organized enough to follow his classes and work, that he has an appetite for social ties beyond the economic aspect, ”explains Elise Jarron, director of the Villiers-sur-Marne residence (Val -de-Marne). Applications are open!

Volunteering for cheap rent

Cheap accommodation for a few hours of volunteering? It is a system offered in Paris and Île-de-France by the Association of the Student Foundation for the City (Afev) in conjunction with several donors, via the Kolocations à projets solidaires (Kaps) system. “Beyond the savings made, which is interesting, we have to show motivation, commitment and availability,” explains Timothé Girier, Afev’s local development manager in Fontenay-sous-Bois ( Val-de-Marne), which oversees this program.

Concretely, the student must do five hours of volunteering per week, “including two hours of mentoring”, to enjoy a room in shared accommodation with other students from the same program. The economy is not nothing: the room costs in Paris, “between 250 and 450 euros” per month, before APL. Registration takes place on the Afev website: “There is then an interview with an employee of the association to test the candidate and see if he is made for that”, explains Timothé Girier.

Walk away and watch the transport

Thanks to transport, you can imagine moving away to take advantage of attractive rents (with the idea that the further away from Paris, the cheaper it is). Are you studying at the Panthéon-Sorbonne, in the 5th arrondissement of Paris? A studio costs on average more than 850 euros … But get out of Paris: by going to Cachan (Val-de-Marne) for example, 20 minutes by RER B from the university, you will earn several hundred euros or m2 more …

Are you studying in Paris 9, in the 16th arrondissement? A studio costs almost 900 euros every month. Take the RER C, which goes directly to the university via the Avenue Foch station, and go to Saint-Gratien (Val-d’Oise), thirty minutes away. The prices are, again, lower and the accessible surfaces are larger.