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– Who would have thought: According to a survey in the “Cities” section, a place in Franconia is number 1 of the 100 most popular travel destinations for foreign tourists in Germany. Franken also ranks first for “Natural Highlights” and “Museums”.

This is a minor sensation, according to a representative survey conducted by the online portal of the German National Tourist Board (DZT) among 15,000 international visitors from 30 countries between December 2021 and June 2022. When asked about their favorite tourist destinations in Germany, they each chose a Frankish travel destination in first place in three categories.

In the Category “cities” Rothenburg ob der Tauber finished in first place, ahead of the supposed German must-see top destinations such as – in the order mentioned – Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg and Munich. Of course, these big metropolises are generally visited by more tourists, but most of them naturally want to get to know Rothenburg – it’s a household name for travelers worldwide.

In the Category “Natural Wonders” the Romantic Road finished in first place, before the Rhine, Königssee, Zugspitze and Lake Constance – it runs right through Franconia and leads through Würzburg, Rothenburg, Dinkelsbühl and Nördlingen, among others. the Category “Museums” also mentions a house in Franconia – the crime museum in Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

Almost all Frankish destinations in the top 50

Im overall ranking of the top 100 German destinations This leads to the following places in which Frankish places are prominently represented: The Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg is number 1 of the most popular travel destinations in Germany, followed by Europapark in Rust in second place, and Rothenburg ob der Tauber is in third place for the first time, even before Neuschwanstein Castle and the Fantasyland Bruehl. After Berlin and the Black Forest comes the Rothenburg Criminal Museum in 8th place, the Romantic Road in 14th place Munich is in 17th place before Bamberg in 26th place. Bavaria as a whole takes 38th place in the mentions, Nuremberg is in 44th place after Freiburg and ahead of the resin. Dinkelsbühl (51) and Würzburg (57) will follow.

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That’s where the beauty lies Almost all destinations of our region are even in the first half of the ranking, after place 57 only destinations outside Franconia follow – including but also relegated top class such as the Frauenkirche in Dresden (59), Regensburg (64), the Speyer Cathedral (66), Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam (76), the German Fairy Tale Route (86) or Passau (95). Bayern Park in Reisbach came in 100th place. You can find the current top 100 ranking at

Petra Hedorfer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the GNTB: “The top 100 ranking has shown the tourist destinations and attractions in Germany’s tourism for 10 years as a snapshot of international awareness and popularity on the Internet. The live participation is also a vote for the appeal of the Reiseland brand in international competition.”

Rothenburg like from a picture book.

Rothenburg like from a picture book.

© imago images/PantherMedia, NNZ

Since 2012, visitors to the website have been able to use a free text field to name the tourist destinations they consider particularly recommendable. From this, the GNTB develops this ranking of the top 100. In addition to the overall ranking, the survey results are structured into groups: UNESCO World Heritage Sites, cities, urban highlights, natural highlights, leisure and animal parks, museums, national parks, regions, castles and palaces.

This is the German National Tourist Board (DZT):

According to its own definition, the GNTB is Germany’s national “Tourist Board”. It represents Germany as a travel destination on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection and is financed by it based on a decision by the German Bundestag. In close cooperation with its partners from tourism in Germany, associations and business enterprises, the GNTB develops strategies and marketing campaigns to expand the positive image of German travel destinations abroad and to promote tourism to Germany.

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The so-called Prelle in front of the crime museum in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

The so-called Prelle in front of the crime museum in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

© imago images/Stefan M Prager, NNZ



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