Stroke and hypertension, watch out for an afternoon nap

They are two very frequent and often interrelated health problems. L’stroke It is a serious condition that occurs when the blood supply to the brain is reduced or completely interrupted. In the absence of blood supply, therefore, the brain tissue dies from lack of nutrients and oxygen. Those at greatest risk are the elderly, especially men. In fact, it is no coincidence that 75% of diagnoses involve individuals over the age of 65. L’hypertension, on the other hand, it is a disorder characterized by the presence of blood pressure above the norm. More specifically, the minimum arterial pressure is greater than 90 mm / Hg and the maximum rises above 140 mm / Hg.

There is good news for lovers of nap afternoon. Scientists at Xiangya Hospital Central South University, led by Professor E. Wang, found that frequent penichella is associated with greater chances of suffering from stroke and hypertension. The studio was published on Hypertension. For the survey which involved 358,451 people, data was collected for eleven years since UK Biobank, an extensive database containing genetic, lifestyle and general health information for the inhabitants of the United Kingdom. Participants were divided into groups based on the frequency of naps: “never / rarely”, “sometimes” and “usually”.

The survey found that nap aficionados had a 12% higher chance of developing high blood pressure and a 24% higher risk of stroke. More precisely, the probability of experiencing hypertension in subjects under 60 was greater than 20%. Percentage that dropped to 10% for individuals over 60 years old. However, an increased frequency of siesta was associated with a risk hypertensive increased by 40%. However, experts say that, since this is a correlational research, there is no relationship of cause effect and that, therefore, it cannot be said that naps are the cause of these cardiovascular disturbances.

Many times we fall asleep during the day because we are excessively tired from a night sleep insufficient which, often, is also associated with a worsening of the state of health. It should not be forgotten that most of the participants were male, smokers, drinkers and complained of insomnia and snoring. Stroke and hypertension are, as already mentioned, two conditions that should not be underestimated. Stroke affects 200,000 people every year in Italy. High blood pressure, on the other hand, affects 1.13 billion people worldwide. There prevention it is essentially based on a correct lifestyle that does not in any way contemplate the abolition of the siesta, the benefits of which are instead scientifically recognized.

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