He Cádiz CF becomes a team again First division after completing his promotion this weekend. Between so much party, the official television of the club interviewed in direct to Alexander ‘Nano’ Mesa while he was euphoric and drying his nose. The images went viral instantly and some accused the striker of having taken cocaine, comments that the player does not tolerate and that he wanted to silence immediately with a statement and an anti-drug test.

“In the last few hours, quite a stir has been created in relation to the video of the interview published by Cádiz CF TV after the promotion to the Santander League was certified. I feel obliged to step forward in the face of accusations that are untrue and put my professionalism in doubt, “he remarks Nano Mesa in your open letter.

The striker of Cádiz He claims to be completely calm and that is why he has opted for transparency “to demonstrate that the facts of which I am accused are totally false. And so it has been, the results have confirmed the negative, “he maintains, along with the certificate from the Novo Sancti Petri Clinic in Chiclana, which confirms that there is no trace of cocaine in your body.

“The images published are only the result of the euphoria of an event of this magnitude, the joy of achieving an objective for which we have worked hard. We have returned to the First Division after (14) very difficult years for this club and we are living a unique and historical moment ”, he adds.

Nano Mesa states in his statement that he is committed to the entity he represents and knows well how a player who competes at the highest level should act. For this reason, he regrets that there are people who make statements “in order to accuse me of facts that do not exist and that go against my values ​​as an athlete and as a person.”

His letter ends asking for respect for his person and ending with “baseless slander” to live the promotion with the happiness that Cádiz deserves. Both his teammates and professionals who know him defend that he does not use drugs and that he is hyperactive.

On social networks there are always those who try to sharpen any phrase that can be misinterpreted and after this statement from the footballer another video of the celebration has begun to circulate. This time it is an Instagram direct in which Nano Mesa asks what he wants “M” (referring to the size of the celebratory shirt), but there are tweeters who defame saying that he talks about the drug MDMA (ecstasy).