Stranger Things: Sadie Sink had to beg for the role of Max

For fans of “Stranger Things” Sadie Sink remains identified as the interpreter of Max Mayfield. But the actress almost saw this role escape her, in particular because of her age.

Stranger Things season 4, the revelation Sadie Sink

Sadie Sink joined the band Stranger Things from season 2. Nevertheless, we can say that its popularity really exploded with season 4. Max’s interpreter in the series was given more prominence. It must be said that his character is deepened in these last episodes. And that allowed the actress to deliver a great performance, especially in the episode where she stands in front of her brother’s grave. A sequence noticed by the fans. Since then, the actress seems more than ever to attract the spotlight on her. videos ofshe younger have even been re-released, like this one where she appears for a Broadway musical on the boards only nine years old!

Not far from missing the role of Max

Still, Sadie Sink’s career could have been much different had she not landed the role of Max in Stranger Things. And precisely, it took little for that the actress sees this role slipping away from her. In an interview for Fashion Magazinerelayed by Deadlineshe explains that at only fourteen years old, she was considered too old by the production to be able to interpret Max. The actress then begged to be given a chance.

I begged them again and again to give me more material so I could come up with something new.

The actress clearly did well to insist since the production finally decided to entrust her with the role. Behind, the episodes followed each other and Max has gradually returned to the hearts of fans. Besides, Sadie Sink was able to prove herself in other productions. She notably participated in the film The Glass Castle (2017), in which she played Brie Larson’s sister when she was a teenager. It was then found on Netflix in the movies Fear Street released in 2021.

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