strange bug replaces Spotify with Apple Music

Several users were surprised when they opened their iPhone to see on their dock that the Spotify application had been replaced by Apple Music.

L’application Apple Music sur smartphone // Source : Brett Jordan — Unsplash

It could almost pass for forced use, but not even. Several users had the strange surprise to discover that their Spotify app added to the iPhone homepage dock had been replaced by Apple Music. No desire from Apple to rule out the competition, but a simple iOS bug obviously, and which also concerns other apps.

Apple Music is embedded in the dock

Since the iOS 14.4.1 update, there seems to be a strange mishap when a user downloads Apple Music from the App Store. The icon of the music streaming service then automatically takes place in the dock of the iPhone instead of another application. It was thus spotted with Spotify, Twitter and even Safari which then gave way despite themselves.

Seems like if you download the Apple Music app from App Store, it will automatically appear on your device (iPhone) dock, more than this, it will change any other 3d party app with the Music app. If on your dock, you only have Apple apps it won’t do anything.

— Kevin Archer (@IM_Kevin_Archer) May 5, 2022

This replacement appears to be primarily for third-party music streaming apps. It only replaces them in the dock and fortunately does not delete them.

According to Macworld, Apple Music would even set itself as the default music app once downloaded. The Cupertino company has still not completely unlocked the possibility of choosing its default application as is the case for the browser or the mailbox. And Siri still doesn’t seem to take your choice into account when making music requests.

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Apple said it is aware of such a bug and is working on a fix. It could arrive with the rollout of iOS 15.5 expected soon.

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