Straight to Mars! This is the last mansion that Elon Musk sells for 31 million (Photos)

Elon Musk is focused on his mission to colonize Mars, but before that he needs to get rid of each and every one of its properties. Something that he announced a year ago and that he has fulfilled to the letter. He only has one last mansion left that already has the ‘for sale’ sign.

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Here we show you what this ‘special place’ is like, which has been released for the icy price of 31 million euros and which, according to various American media, to be able to get hold of it you have to do it through Elon Musk himself:

The house is located south of San Francisco and was purchased by the billionaire in 2017 for $ 23.4 million. The property is over 100 years old and is in the exclusive Hillsborough neighborhood, close to the bay.

The property has 9 bedrooms and another nine bathrooms, as well as a large garden and an impressive swimming pool.

The house is characterized by its classic decoration that extends in the 15.00 square meters of the property.

The exteriors are one of the great attractions because not only are there different areas of water but it also has impressive views of the bay.

Until now Elon Musk had decided that this property would be used to rent out for events.

Even the smallest detail is taken care of, also highlighting the paper drawn in several of the corridors.

The house offers great luminosity with spacious rooms and careful decorations.