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    Washed under the banks of the Rhine in Basel

    In Basel, according to the police and the Basel-Stadt ambulance, the banks of the Rhine were washed away. As a precautionary measure, the authorities have closed Grenzacherstrasse. The underwash is at the level of Rankhof. Experts are currently checking whether there is a risk.

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    Great devastation in the Schaffhausen Klettgau

    The village streams in the Schaffhausen municipalities of Oberhallau, Schleitheim and Beggingen turned into raging rivers on Thursday evening. Cars and trailers were swept away by the floods. Dozens of cellars were also flooded – some of the water was up to their chests.

    Today we see a picture of devastation: broken sofas or soaked armchairs are piled up in front of the houses. The whole village is on its feet and helps with the clean-up work. The solidarity among the villagers is huge, says the SRF reporter on site. The exact extent of the damage cannot yet be quantified.

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    Lake Lucerne reaches critical mark

    In the city of Lucerne, the level of Lake Lucerne reached the critical mark of 434.90 meters above sea level at 10 a.m. on Friday. At this height, Schwanenplatz is flooded. The traffic over the pier is currently still normal.

    In the Nidwalden municipality of Stansstad, too, the high water level in Lake Lucerne is a problem. The community announced that the water continues to spread in the village. The fire brigade is therefore building additional pedestrian walkways.

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    Axenstrasse will open again from 10.30 a.m.

    Axenstrasse has been open again since 10.30 a.m. It had been closed since 1:40 a.m. due to detected terrain movements. After a helicopter overflight, the authorities gave the all-clear.

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    Lake Neuchâtel and Murten: Navigation prohibited

    The cantons of Vaud, Friborg and Neuchâtel have banned shipping on Lake Murten and Lake Neuchâtel for all recreational captains because of the floods. Only commercial shipping is still allowed.

    In Zurich, the canton police have asked private boat owners to refrain from going out for the time being. This is to prevent additional waves and thus damage to houses on exposed bank areas.

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    Lauerzersee (SZ) rose sharply – A4 autobahn closed

    The level of Lake Lauerz in the canton of Schwyz rose by around 30 centimeters after heavy rainfall between midnight and 8 a.m. The A4 motorway between Goldau and Seewen was therefore closed, as reported by the Schwyz canton police.

  • 9:25

    Port of Murten closed

    The boat harbor and the Pantschau will be closed on the Murtner lake shore in the canton of Friborg. This is communicated by the community. Due to the current flood situation, the area will probably remain open to the public until Monday. The events have also been canceled.

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    Interim balance from SRF Meteo

    Last night’s rain didn’t hit all regions equally. There was considerable rainfall locally, for example in Sattel / SZ with 71 mm or in Starkenbach / SG with 57 mm.

    The showers and thunderstorms from last night have caused the levels in Lakes Lucerne, Biel and Thun to rise further. In the canton of Schaffhausen, streams also burst their banks.

    You can find the detailed meteorological interim balance of the storms here.

  • 8:48

    Lake Biel is still 8 centimeters below the record

    On Lake Biel, the flood level stabilized at the highest danger level until Friday morning. At 430.80 the level at 8.20 a.m. was just below the record of 2007 (430.88) and 45 centimeters above the damage limit.

    The level of Lake Thun continues to rise. The water level was 34 centimeters above the damage limit on Friday morning. Until the record of the “water of the century” in 2005, around 60 centimeters are still missing.

    The Thunersee level at 8.20 a.m. was 558.64 meters above sea level; in 2005 it reached 559.25. At Lake Brienz, the water level is 13 centimeters below the high water level, but it is also rising.

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    City of Lucerne closes bridges due to flooding

    In the city of Lucerne, several bridges (Chapel Bridge, Rathaussteg, Reuss and Spreuer Bridge) and the Lucerne Center entrance to the A2 will be closed due to the rising lake level. The lake level had risen by 8 centimeters on Friday night and is only 2 centimeters below the critical mark of 434.90 meters above sea level.

    According to a statement from the city of Lucerne, the reason for the increase is heavy rainfall that fell over the canton of Schwyz. Since it was to be expected that the level would rise to over 434.90 meters above sea level in the course of the morning, the Chapel Bridge, the Rathaussteg, the Reuss Bridge and the Spreuer Bridge would be closed, it said.

    It is still unclear whether Schwanenplatz will also be flooded and the pier must therefore be closed to traffic. It is expected that the situation will ease again after noon.


    Water level at Lake Lucerne at 8 a.m. on Friday morning.


  • 7:55

    Flood sweeps cars away

    In Schleitheim (SH) the force of the tide even carried cars away.

  • 7:17

    Retirement home in Thun evacuated

    In Thun, an old people’s home had to be evacuated yesterday evening due to the flood situation. All 16 residents were taken away from their old people’s home in the Gwatt region, says Heinz Wegmüller, head of RFO Thun Plus to the SRF regional journal Bern Freiburg Wallis. That had nothing to do with the building, no water had got in, but the driveway became precarious. “In the event of a medical emergency, the ambulance would not have been able to go there,” said Wegmüller. For this reason, all residents were housed together in the Thun hotel management school, where they could stay for the next few days. Because this could be planned, this evacuation went smoothly.

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    Zurich police warned to drive cautiously on Lake Zurich

    There is also danger level four out of five on Lake Zurich. Exposed parts of the bank can be flooded; along Lake Zurich, the water can occasionally penetrate into houses that are directly on the lake. Now the Zurich police are calling on guides of boats and ships to drive cautiously. The fear: the resulting wave impact can lead to greater danger and damage to properties and facilities close to the banks. With a view to the upcoming weekend, the maritime police also ask the canton police to refrain from trips on the lake if possible and to minimize the waves as far as possible when trips are necessary.

    Preparations in Stäfa.


    Preparations in Stäfa.


  • 6:20

    A little less rain on Friday, but the situation remains tense

    According to SRF meteorologist Daniela Schmucki, heavy precipitation across Switzerland is not expected today, Friday, but the flood situation remains delicate.

    Further rain showers are to be expected in certain areas, which can also be strong locally. Small streams or rivers can overflow their banks quickly, or landslides and debris flows can occur. This danger still exists even without constant rain.

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    The situation in Central Switzerland is coming to a head

    The flood situation in Switzerland remains tense. Especially on Lake Biel, Lake Thun and Lake Lucerne, where the highest danger level applies. While the situation at the Bernese Lakes has not changed much in the last few hours, according to the authorities, people in Lucerne are worried about Lake Lucerne. According to the professional fire brigade, the level is currently increasing by around 1 centimeter an hour. The lake could overflow in the course of the morning.

    In certain regions of Central Switzerland there was again heavy rainfall during the night. In Steinen in the canton of Schwyz, for example, 57.6 mm of rain fell in the last six hours, which according to SRF Meteo is a considerable amount. In the canton of Schwyz, the authorities have blocked several roads, including the A4 between Goldau and Seewen. The Schwyz canton police have received around 20 emergency calls since yesterday evening about flooded streets or water ingress in buildings. There are no reports of injured persons.

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    Axenstrasse in the canton of Uri closed after falling rocks

    Axenstrasse was immediately closed after a rock fall alarm. According to the federal government, the section between Flüelen and Sisikon was interrupted until further notice.

    The monitoring system in the Gumpisch area had detected movements in the area around 1:40 a.m., said the canton of Uri. After that, stones were thrown in the protective nets above Axenstrasse. Due to the current weather situation, further rockfalls or debris flows cannot be ruled out.

    No one was injured in the incident. According to initial findings, the road and bridge were also not damaged. Specialists should assess the situation on site as soon as the weather allows it, it said.

    A rock slide in front of a tunnel on Axenstrasse
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    Flood measures are having an effect in Diemtigtal

    Currently, the year 2005 is always used as a comparison, the flood of the century with maximum water levels. At that time, for example, the Diemtigtal in the Bernese Oberland was hit particularly hard. So that something like this doesn’t happen again, the municipalities and the canton subsequently invested CHF 20 million in flood protection.

    “The investments have more than paid off,” says Diemtigen City Council President Marcel Klossner today. And the population now also feels safer, as an on-site inspection shows.

  • 22:24

    Worry about debris flows in Central Switzerland

    In Central Switzerland, there are warnings about landslides and mudslides. In the mountainous areas of central Switzerland, there are fears that entire slopes could slide after the heavy rainfall.

    On the Sarnersee, in the Ried district near Sachseln, streets and paths are flooded. “With the slopes, one can say that from a certain amount of precipitation and a certain water saturation there can be such debris flows”, says Josef Hess, the Obwalden building director. “Where exactly these will then occur is almost impossible to predict.”

    The risk of landslides and debris flows will persist for a few days. The authorities therefore call on people to refrain from hiking and excursions in the steep area at the weekend.

  • 21:50

    Dorfbach bursts its banks: Schaffhausen municipalities under water

    There were also floods in the canton of Schaffhausen. The brooks in Beggingen and Schleitheim overflowed their banks. According to the Schaffhauser Nachrichten, conditions are chaotic in both communities. Row after row of water flooded cellars. A large number of auxiliary workers are in action.

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    The location on Lake Biel is a cause for concern

    The situation is particularly tense on Lake Biel in the canton of Bern. The lake has already exceeded the damage limit of 430.75 meters above sea level – and the situation is likely to worsen. According to the authorities, a record 431 meters above sea level could be reached by Friday. The previous record of 2007 was 430.88 meters.

    Because of the high groundwater level, pumping out basements and flooded rooms is currently pointless, says the fire department chief. Now is the time to focus. The emergency services concentrate on protecting the critical infrastructure.

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