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Trees have been uprooted and the rope park is partially gone: A violent storm swept Camping Sur En.

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The wind blew so hard, ..

Reader Report

... that the Engadin rope park was partially destroyed.

… that the Engadin rope park was partially destroyed.

Reader Report

Nobody got hurt.
Reader Report

A violent storm swept across Camping Sur En in the canton of Graubünden on Tuesday. As pictures by a reader reporter show, trees were uprooted and part of the Engadin rope park was destroyed. “We sat outside and saw the front approaching us,” reports the reader. «Then we put everything in the car and we were hardly finished when the violent gusts came. The whole thing went very quickly and now everything is calm again. »

As the reader goes on to say, a person may have been injured. But he couldn’t say for sure.

The storm was also felt at the campsite in Filisur GR.

Video: Reader-Reporter

As Wolfgang Bosshardt, head of Camping Sur En confirmed on request, several trees were affected. And «about a third of the rope park was killed». The Graubünden Cantonal Police currently have no knowledge of an injured person.

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