Stopping the war, not prolonging it.. Written by: Taj Al-Sir Othman – Sudanile

Stopping the war, not prolonging it.. Written by: Taj Al-Sir Othman – Sudanile

The recent Jeddah agreement was a step forward, and was more specific in facilitating emergency humanitarian aid and restoring humanitarian services. Serious war crimes occurred from the Rapid Support and Security Committee, which we monitored in detail in previous articles, and the agreement came to include the investigation of important issues to stop them, such as:
– Commitment to the previous Jeddah Declaration in non-violation of human rights and international law.
Attacks, aggressive actions, sniper actions, air strikes and the use of aircraft or heavy weapons are prohibited.
Not to shoot at civilian aircraft or humanitarian aid carriers.
Stopping torture, sexual abuse, rape and inhumane treatment.
Prohibition of targeting infrastructure or population centers, and obtaining military supplies.
Stop looting and confiscating homes.
– Stopping the recruitment movement, noting the large number of children in the Rapid Support Forces, which is considered a war crime.
Not restricting the movement of civilians.
Stop espionage by land, air and sea.
Threats to use force and incitement to violence are prohibited.
Not occupying civilian homes. etc.
However, the necessity of adhering to the armistice and moving forward to stop the war remains so that its flames do not spread to neighboring states and countries while prolonging it.
Without stopping the war and achieving the above steps, we will continue to revolve in a vicious circle that exacerbates the crisis and increases the area of ​​war, which threatens the unity of the country, for example: the coup authority that took place after the coup of October 25, 2021 does not have any legitimacy, and its situation worsened after the war between support Al-Sariye and the Security Committee, therefore, Al-Burhan continued to exercise illegitimate powers to perpetuate the dominance of the Security Committee and the Islamists in power, such as: dismissing the police chief and the governor of the Central Bank, appointing a replacement for them, relieving Hemedti from the position of deputy head of the Sovereignty Council, which does not exist in the constitution, and appointing Malik A drug substitute for it, which indicates the continuation of the putschist mentality that led to the war.
This is in addition to Hemedti’s speech in the recording published before the armistice for a period of 7 days, which explains the lack of commitment to the temporary ceasefire, which encourages the army to continue shooting and violating the armistice. The population and its plundering, the recruitment of children, and the attack on service institutions, hospitals, religious, and educational institutions. As for his talk about commitment to democratic transformation, it is for consumption. Failing democratic transformation, he talks about him, and he is the one who allied with the “remnants” in committing the massacres in Darfur, suppressing peaceful processions, and the massacre of the General Command. And the orchestrating of the October 25, 2021 coup, and the brutal suppression with the Security Committee, the Kizan armies, and the Juba movements of the peaceful processions of the resistance committees that led to the injury of (125) people and more than 8 thousand injured.
The current war crime was an extension of his crimes with the Security Committee and the remnants. This requires careful documentation of it and bringing those responsible to trial.
Despite the truce’s entry into force, it was violated, for example, in Jabra, south of Khartoum, where citizens woke up on the morning of the truce’s implementation to the sounds of artillery strikes with air strikes, which warns of the danger of international intervention in the event of non-compliance with the cease-fire.
In these circumstances, Volcker’s speech before the Security Council came, which did not add anything new, and indicated the following:
– The fighting has continued since April 15 between the army and the Rapid Support Forces without stopping.
– Violation of humanitarian law by the non-compliance of the two parties with the laws of war, targeting civilians and civilian facilities, besieging citizens in their homes without access to supplies, and looting banks from homes.
– The fighting led to the outbreak of tribal and ethnic tensions in Darfur, and its mediation between the army and the Rapid Support Forces failed, and that civil society played an important role, and took a neutral position on both sides.
The war led to the displacement of one million people, and more than 190 children were killed in the war.
– The decision to stop the war is in the hands of the Rapid Support Forces and the army. etc
Finally, the remaining urgent liabilities:
Stopping the war, not prolonging it.
– The exit of the Rapid Support Forces and the army from neighborhoods and cities, the return of occupied homes to their owners, the return of public facilities to the state and the exit of militants from them.
– The return of the military to the barracks, the deportation of the leaders of the Security and Rapid Support Committee and their submission to trials for the documented crimes committed against the Sudanese people, and the destruction of the basic structures of the Sudanese state.
– Accelerate the security arrangements for the dissolution of the Rapid Support Forces, the Kizan militias and the movement forces, and the establishment of the unified professional national army.
Accurate documentation of horrendous war crimes, and bringing criminals to trial.
– Restoring life to normal, providing basic services, improving living conditions, repairing educational and health institutions, water and electricity services, factories and markets, and rebuilding what was destroyed by the war. And restoring life to the capital, Khartoum, after it turned into a ghost town, and besieging the extension of the war to the states, etc. from the disastrous effects of the war. .
– The return of the military to the barracks, the establishment of democratic civil rule, and the return of the army, security, rapid support and police companies to the mandate of the Ministry of Finance.
– Continuing the grassroots public mobilization to stop the war and avert its effects, and to continue the three No’s “no negotiation, no partnership, no settlement”, and blocking the way and vigilance against the military’s attempt to contain – as in the army’s recent statement – the mass and humanitarian activity of the resistance committees, pending the continuation of its brutal suppression, as happened in The massacre of the General Command, the failure to return to blood partnership agreements with the military that reproduce the war again, and the continuation of the battle until the establishment of democratic civil rule, and the completion of the tasks of the transitional period.

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