Stoppage of collectives inside: when would it start and what is known

The Automotive Tramway Union (UTA) is currently holding a virtual audience with authorities from the Ministry of Labor to define whether it will carry out the forceful measure that was announced last Wednesday, May 4, and which consists of the cessation of activities for 72 hours in different provinces in the interior of the country.

The strike was called due to the lack of a salary agreement within the framework of the sector’s parity. The UTA closed an agreement last month for short and medium distance drivers from the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA), with a staggered 50% increase, which will bring the basic salary to 150 thousand pesos from August. In addition to the non-remunerative payment of 43 thousand pesos, in four installments.

However, the union asks that the salaries of AMBA drivers be equated with those of the provinces in the interior of the country.

The head of the Automotive Tramway Union (UTA), Roberto Fernández

The UTA National Board of Directors maintained last week through a statement published on its website that it has already asked both the National State, the provinces and the business sector as a whole, to commit to “seek the solution of the salary agreement, agreed with the employers, in order not to be involved in political disputes, alien to the interest of the workers”, they indicated in the letter.

They have not dimensioned the magnitude of the problem raised, delaying the signing of the salary increase agreement. It is necessary to resolve the payment of the increase for the workers”, They pointed out in the statement that it bears the signature of the general secretary of the UTA, Roberto Carlos Fernández.

“If you do not get a response for the next hearing, As a union action measure, a 72-hour cessation of activities will be arranged from 00:00 on Tuesday, the 10th of this month, which will affect services and users, holding businessmen and the political sector responsible for it.”, they will need.

“Again, we hope that those responsible for the passenger transport system in the interior of the country commit to resolve the conflict and get involved in the search for solutions,” they added. “Salaries are not played with, they are the breadwinner of our families, we want our duly earned raise”, closes the statement.

The strike that will begin this Tuesday at midnight will not affect AMBA services (Photo: File)
The strike that will begin this Tuesday at midnight will not affect AMBA services (Photo: File)Archive

What provinces would the UTA collective strike affect?

If an agreement is not reached with the authorities of the Ministry of Labor -information that will be known in the next few hours-, the strike will begin at midnight, but will not affect AMBA services.

Before the key hearing, the Secretary of the Interior of the national UTA, Jorge Kiener, held a dialogue with chain 3 that the joint discussion began more than three months ago and that the workers were “patient and prudent.”

“It is good to make it clear that this joint debate began in mid-January, 100 days ago. If the conflict is not resolved at 3 in the afternoon, the workers who have been patient and prudent cannot be blamedKiener said.



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