Stopover on Île de Ré for actor Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom’s little cousin, pianist Thomas Enhco, posted a photo of himself with the British actor on his Instagram account on Saturday. It indicates to be in the island of Ré (Charente-Maritime), in Ars-en-Ré precisely.

We also see the photographer and adventurer Sebastian Copeland, first cousin of Orlando Bloom and uncle of Thomas Enhco.

Above: Orlando Bloom, Thomas Enhco and Sebastian Copeland in Île de Ré.

Did you know ?

Here are three things you may not know about the (small) links between Orlando Bloom and Charente-Maritime.

1. He has a cheeky ex who loves Île de Ré

Last year, while Orlando Bloom was still in a relationship with singer Katy Perry, the latter had also taken a vacation in the Ile de Ré. She had immortalized this moment on Instagram by posting a photo that had spilled a lot of ink in the people sections. We saw her on her bicycle showing off her panties!

The post, “liked” over a million times, was accompanied by a comment by the artist: “I know it’s a little cheeky, butt… Cycling in The ile de re, France“, which can be translated as” I know it’s a bit cheeky, but … I cycle on the Ile de Ré in France. “Katy Perry had misspelled” but “in English by writing” butt “instead of” goal “, a” butt “which can be translated as” buttocks “…

2. The music from one of his films accompanies Stade Rochelais

British actor Orlando Bloom is particularly famous for playing Will Turner, one of the main characters of the saga “Pirates of the Caribbean”. A saga that has a particular echo in Charente-Maritime since the main theme of the films, “He’s a pirate”, resonates on match days at the Stade Marcel-Deflandre, in La Rochelle. This is the music on which the rugby player at Stade Rochelais are entering the field.

3. A family of artists, from Ré to Royan (among others)

Thomas Enhco, the little cousin of Orlando Bloom who posted the photo of the actor in the island of Ré, is none other than the son of the lyric singer Caroline Casadesus, herself daughter of the conductor Jean-Claude Casadesus and granddaughter of the actress Gisele Casadesus, 103 years old, settled on the Ile de Ré since 1922.

And the stepfather of Thomas Enhco (cousin by marriage of Orlando Bloom) is the famous violinist Didier Lockwood ! The jazzman is also in Charente-Maritime at the moment since he participates in the classical music festival Un Violon sur le sable, in Royan. Her daughter Mathilde Lookwood (half-sister of Thomas Enhco) also received a visit from Orlando, in Paris, this weekend. The proof by Insta, once again: