Stop the red bags for the waste of Covid positives

The Region has simplified the procedure: just use two normal bags, one inside the other, and throw them in the undifferentiated bins

TUSCANY – It took 175,000 Covid positives in the region to blow up the reviled system of red bags used for the collection of the waste of the infected in isolation in their homes. The president of the Region Eugenio Giani has in fact decided to simplify the procedure as much as possible, objectively difficult to manage from the beginning not to mention the extreme embarrassment inflicted on the citizens concerned.

And so, thanks to a new ordinance signed today, Tuscans who have contracted the infection will be able to get rid of the garbage simply by throwing it in a normal waste bag, preferably very resistant. Once filled, the bag must be placed inside another bag, tightly closed and then thrown into the bins of the normal unsorted collection.

The new system was presented this morning by Giani together with the regional councilor for the environment Monia Monni, the president of Anci Tuscany Matteo Biffoni and the president of Confservizi Cispel Toscana Nicola Perini,

“After having equated the rapid antigenic swabs with the molecular ones and created a silence-consent mechanism to end the isolation 24 hours after the negativity report – explained Giani – here is the third ordinance that goes towards citizens to simplify their lives . With the councilor Monni we decided that the double bag can help solve an element that became impossible to manage due to the very high number of infections. We are in an emergency situation, we must face it with rationality and awareness without this resulting in a burdening of the living conditions of citizens and bureaucratic obstacles ”.

“With the new ordinance, waste will therefore be disposed of undifferentiated and exposed in the typical manner of each territory – added the councilor Monni – In particular situations in which subjects positive to Covid are deprived of forms of family, friend or social assistance , the managers, according to the procedures defined by the same, must ensure an adequate collection service “.


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