Stop signing petitions! Make me Minister of Education, if you dare

Environmental overheating, ozone hole, whale extermination: there are many causes to be signed but those who want to make their contribution to the world cannot get away with a ridiculous sign. Better take action

Lodoli, are you willing to sign against environmental overheating, against the ozone hole, against the extermination of whales? And a signature against globalization, against the blockade of landings, against the Russian invasion of Ukraine? What do I add to you, are you one of us? What are you doing, hesitate? Don’t you want to engage in this battle and this one? Are you umbilical, self-referring, onanist, cowardly and fugitive? “. And then, sometimes, out of exhaustion, out of fear of passing for a poet who only makes his own facts, I say, with a faint voice: “Okay… Add my name too…”. As soon as the phone call is closed, for ten seconds I feel with a clear conscience: I signed, I am on the side of the good against the badideally I collaborate in the formation of a better world.

Ten seconds: then I just feel like a jerk. Someone who thinks he can clear his conscience by putting a signature on a petition, an intellectual who pretends to be part of the group of committed only by saying “yes, okay” to the phone call of a stranger who jabs and growls. No, that’s not good. Those who want to make their contribution to the long-awaited “better world” cannot get away with a ridiculous signature. If there is a contribution to be made, let it be concrete, real, effective. So here’s how I propose: Minister of Education. You? Disheveled, artistic, volatile? Yes, me. Marco Lodoli minister of the Italian school.

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At work in Viale Trastevere from eight in the morning to ten in the evening. I who taught in the suburbs for forty years and will soon be retired. I am the right person, there is little to do, I know what works and what doesn’t work in our school, I know the qualities and defects and I don’t have to answer to any party, to any consortium. Do you want the “intellectuals” to commit themselves? I’m ready, even if I’m not an intellectual, just a former professor since September 1st. The school asks for skills even at the last of the students, from those who struggle and suffer and somehow try, but politics does not do the same. He takes a manager, a party man, a squire and places him in the most important ministry for the formation of children, that is, for the formation of a more worthy future. That’s no good. We need someone like me, who spent my life between the desks and the professorship. Do you want a better school? Make me minister, if you have the courage. I don’t want to sign anything anymore, I want to work for our country.



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