Stock Exchange: Milan loses its edge on the final (+ 0.29%), Europe is in no particular order – Economy

Closing up for Piazza Affari. The Ftse Mib index ended trading with an increase of 0.29% at 21,788 points, losing enamel at the end of the session and leaving on the ground most of the increases achieved in the first part of the day, when he had come to earn up to 2.3%.

In Europe, the stock exchanges closed in no particular order, with London negative and the other lists having flattened out at the end, frightened by the determination reaffirmed by the Fed in the fight against inflation and by the risk that monetary tightening could lead the US economy into recession.

In Frankfurt the Dax index finished trading with an increase of 0.65% at 13.122 points, in Paris the Cac 40 remained almost flat (-0.06% at 5.882 points) while in London the Ftse 100 lost 0. , 41% to 7.016 points.

The spread between BTP and Bund closes down once againwith the differential between the Italian and German 10-year cards falling by 11.4 basis points, to 191.

From the market comes a‘opening of credit to the promises made by the ECB in terms of combating financial fragmentation, as evidenced by the sharp decline in yields of all peripheral securities: BTP drops to 3.56% (-16.8 basis points), Greek securities to 3.99% (-23 , 6 points), the Spanish Bonos at 2.73% (-14.1) and the Portuguese ten-year ones at 2.68% (-13.6).

The bund is down by just 5 points, to 1.65%which could be sold by the ECB, along with other ‘strong’ stocks, to offset purchases on the periphery.

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