Not only a winemaker, now also a pizza chef: for Sting he begins a new adventure in his second home in Tuscany, so far above all an exclusive meeting place for artist friends and VIPs. The English rockstar has announced, in fact, via social media, through her official page on Instagram, the opening of a pizzeria in her estate ‘Il Palagio’, immersed in the green hills of Figline and Incisa Valdarno, about thirty km away. from Florence. A pizzeria with large open spaces to admire the surrounding countryside.

“Come and join the band in the new pizzeria and wine bar ‘Il Palagio’, where you can have a fabulous pizza, try all our wines and even some Tuscan craft beers. Claudia and Paolo will give you a warm welcome”, write Sting and the wife Trudie Styler, posting the photo of the former Police singer. In the pizzeria of Sting the pizzas are made with flours and Tuscan products. And in the wine shop it will be possible to taste the bottles of wine produced by ‘Il Palagio’.

The estate ‘Il Palagio’ has been owned by the singer Sting since 1997. The sixteenth-century villa is surrounded by the vineyards of the Chianti area and once belonged to Duke Simone Vincenzo Velluti Zati of San Clemente. Today it is also a farmhouse, with five guesthouses available for guests. The ‘Il Palagio’ farm has olive groves and vineyards, from which oil and wine are obtained, produced with organic methods. From the cellar of Sting come prestigious labels dedicated to the most famous songs of the former Police, such as ‘Message in a Bottle’, ‘Sister Moon’ and ‘When We Dance’. Organic wine and oil, together with fruit, vegetables, local cured meats and honey, can be purchased and tasted at the agricultural shop located a few steps from the estate.