Steve set up his brother. Marvin is Arrested (Detailed Recap and Spoilers for Episode 813)

“Un Si Grand Soleil” in advance with the detailed summary of episode 813 of Wednesday January 05, 2022 -In your daily series of France 2, Steve traps Marvin. He gets arrested. Orsan is at bay and takes a close interest in Eve.


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The detailed summary of the previous episode of Un Si Grand Soleil is also online. Good reading.

“Un Si Grand Soleil” in advance of Wednesday 05 January 2022

At the hospital, Tim and Arthur meet Jennifer, the ward’s new caregiver. Tim immediately notices that the young stretcher bearer has cracked on her. He points out that the girl is cute. Arthur claims not to have paid attention. But a little later, he crosses paths with Jennifer again in the break room. She is revising. Jennifer enlists Arthur’s help. She needs someone to question her. Arthur accepts with pleasure. He admits to being impressed because she brilliantly combines her work and her studies. Arthur thinks he wouldn’t be able to. But Jennifer makes him realize that life is too short. And to put all his chances on his side, he immersed himself in medical lessons to be ready for the next school year.

Janet explains to Tim that he is going to have an MRI because his x-rays showed that the muscle in his leg was a bit atrophied, which could explain his accident and his muscle tear. Tim is worried. He invested everything with his friend in their courier box. Tim and his friend are from the city. Tim thinks they won’t get a second chance. Jennifer tries to reassure him. She’s also from the city and she knows what it means to fight. Jennifer is convinced that Tim has will and that he will be able to bounce back.

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Eve confronts Virgil. She blames him for not telling her he was with Manu on the evening of December 31st. Virgil tries to defend himself and explains to Eve that he killed himself to protect himself and protect Manu. The pretty teacher demands to know why Manu is in the hospital with a bullet in his stomach. Cornered, Virgil explains to Eve that if he had told the police that Manu was with him on the evening of the 31st, he would have been forced to explain to them why he was keeping a car for José Alvaro with stolen paintings inside. Virgil tells him that the police would then go up to Elsa and understand that he and Manu had covered her cavalcade. Eve can’t bring herself to stay there and do nothing while waiting for Manu to die, but Virgil asks her to stay discreet and wait. He thinks it’s too dangerous with Orsan around to do anything.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Alex takes stock with Elise. Manu’s phone was outside Montpellier around midnight, but the location is too vague to know where he really was. In his car, the forensic scientists only found Manu’s blood and DNA. Alex is convinced that Marvin Rosas is behind this whole story. Elise expresses doubts. Marvin is on the run and she doubts he would risk shooting a cop. But Alex does not budge and wants to get his hands on Marvin.

Steve has made an appointment with Camille. Marvin’s brother thought it over. To prevent them from continuing to mess with each other, he has an idea to find out what happened to Manu. Steve prefers not to tell Camille what is going on right now.

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Virgile informs Blamont the former manager of the campsite that he is going to be away for a few days. He asks him to be silent if someone asks him about himself or about Manu. Blamont promises not to say anything. But Orsan hangs out in the campsite and takes a close interest in Eve.

Meanwhile, Eve meets her son Eliott and tells him about it. She explains to him that if Orsan can’t find the paintings, he can do anything. She thinks that only José will be able to get them out of this mess. Once back home, Eliott puts the canvases back in their tubes and hides them.

Steve wants to talk to Marvin and addresses Oscar, one of his brother’s accomplices who tells him that Marvin doesn’t want to see him. Steve insists and makes him believe that he is no longer with Camille. Oscar later sends him a message to tell him that Marvin is okay with seeing him and he sets him up on a date. And as Marvin swears to Steve that he didn’t shoot Camille’s father, the police burst in. Steve asks his brother for forgiveness. Alex puts the handcuffs on Marvin’s wrists and takes him to the police station.

Find “Un Si Grand Soleil” from Monday to Friday from 8:45 pm on France 2 and but also a preview on Salto.



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