Stéphanie Sá Silva, wife of Fernando Medina, resigns from TAP

Before becoming TAP’s legal director, Stéphanie Sá Silva was on the team of Diogo Perestrelo, lawyer for the carrier’s private shareholder, David Neeleman. They were both at PLMJ. Stéphani Sá Silva leaves office after four years and on the day that Fernando Medina, her husband, takes office as Minister of Finance. She herself attributes the reasons for her departure to her husband’s new role.

“A page has been turned today, four years after having started her duties as TAP’s legal director”, she advances on Linked-in. “For reasons that are public, I informed the Executive Committee today of the cessation of my duties”, she adds. Stéphanie Sá Silva does not explain, but is referring to Fernando Medina, the new finance minister. TAP has the dual tutelage of Finance and Infrastructure.

The lawyer became TAP’s legal director while David Neeleman was a shareholder of TAP, and her entry became visible when it became known that she was one of the workers who had received the performance award in 2019, related to 2018 – which led Pedro Nuno Santos to criticize private management -, despite having entered the middle of the year.

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