IIn the trial for the murder of the Kassel government president Walter Lübcke, a scandal broke out on Monday in the Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt between the defense lawyer Frank Hannig and his client, the main accused Stephan E. The second defense attorney finally applied on his behalf to exempt Hannig from the mandate. “The damage is there,” said Mustafa Kaplan. “The relationship of trust is destroyed in the long run.”

Hannig had made several requests at the beginning of the trial, the first of which caused a stir. In it, the Dresden defense lawyer referred to Walter Lübcke’s supposedly crooked business, which could indicate “a completely different motivation to act” than previously assumed. According to the federal prosecutor’s office, who accused E. of murdering Walter Lübcke insidiously on the night of June 2, 2019 and for minor reasons, he acted from “extreme right-wing hatred”.

Defense attorney Hannig now asked the court to investigate a burglary that had taken place in the Kassel district council at the end of July 2019. “Several media reports” indicated that files were stolen there, in which there were references to “connections” Lübcke to “wind power business” of his sons. Hannig also referred to other witnesses who may also have been at the scene and were heard.

The chairman of the State Protection Senate initially only wanted to know whether this procedure was coordinated with his client. When the defense lawyer said no, Thomas Sagebiel replied: “You see me speechless, Mr. Hannig.” He doubted that the accused was “well defended”. The judge became even clearer and slapped the table with his hand. The applications are already “lively nonsense”, none of them have any chance of success. He had to express his “serious doubts” as part of the judicial duty of care.

Sagebiel added: “Do you actually know that you are harming your client? Should we investigate right now because of a right-wing terrorist association? ”There is no“ hint of a hint ”at other persons involved in the crime or the motifs brought into play by Hannig. The representative of the federal prosecutor’s office saw it that way on Monday. “It’s poking in the fog,” said Dieter Killmer. He wondered if the two defenders actually agreed. It wasn’t you.

Kaplan said that the requests had not been discussed with him or with E. “We expressly distance ourselves from them, expressly.” His client had no interest in the fact that the killed and his sons “were thrown with dirt in such a way, and without meaning or reason.” When Hannig wrote that the Lübcke family was “crooked.” Business ”, the accused does not like it.

After a brief interruption, the request was made to remove Hannig from the defense team. He fought back and found it unfortunate how a conflict between the defenders would be carried out on the client’s back. “It’s always a shame.”

The court wants to rule on the application on Monday. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office has already indicated that it considers the application for exemption to be justified.