Step by step: how to get your driver’s license in Florida fast and without queues

In the state of Florida there is a quick way to apply for a driver’s license that bypasses the traditional procedures.

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In the state of Florida there is an alternative to apply for a driver’s license that serves to forget about waiting, long procedures and queues that can be filed during the traditional process at a Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) office. This alternative is represented by the driving schools that are now authorized by said state agency to manage the application process for a driver’s license quickly, in response to the great demand that exists in the state.

How to get a driver’s license in Florida fast and without queues

Not all traffic schools in Florida are authorized by the FLHSMV to apply courses related to driver’s license applications in the state. However, there are currently a large number of these institutions that provide this type of service, but also others such as improvement courses for drivers who have been convicted of operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol or for adolescents who are starting in the act of driving.

In the specific case of applying for licenses through a driving school authorized by the FLHSMV, The steps to follow are those:

1. The first thing that every applicant for a driver’s license in Florida who does not want to carry out the process in the traditional way should do is locate a driving school that is licensed by the FLHSMV. There are several statewide, and a full directory of agency locations and associated service centers is on the official agency website.

2. After locating the most convenient driving school, those interested do not need to schedule appointments or wait to be attended. Each agency is supposed to register the applicants and provide them with all the necessary material to prepare for the theory test or knowledge test. In this exam, applicants must demonstrate that they handle the laws and know everything related to the act of driving, such as the different traffic signs that exist and that must be respected. This exam consists of 50 questions of which each applicant must answer at least 40 correctly.

3. With the approval of the written exam, applicants receive a provisional driver’s license from the FLHSMV that will be restricted for certain activities. The main purpose of this license is to authorize the applicant to take the driving test at the same driving school, a test that must be carried out under real circumstances.

Despite being an option, it is important for the applicant to take into account that these types of services usually involve additional costs to those who would be paid during a traditional process. When the process is complete, it will be the FLHSMV itself who will confirm the information provided by the driving school to deliver the corresponding license to the applicant.

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